Dragonflies vs Damselflies—What’s the Difference?

By Dr. Robert Norman While hiking recently at Moccasin Lake Park in Clearwater, I spotted a flying insect landing on a nearby plant. I was exploring for lichens, one of my new passions, and spotted the little beauty. Was it a dragonfly of a damselfly? How do you tell the difference? Members of the insect order Odonata include not only the true dragonflies but also the closely related group known as damselflies. The order includes roughly 5,900 species, of which about 3,000 are dragonflies (suborder Epiprocta, infraorder Anisoptera), and about 2,600 are damselflies (suborder Zygoptera). Here are some key differences … Continue reading Dragonflies vs Damselflies—What’s the Difference?

GFWC Spring Flea Market Fundraiser – April 10, 2021

GFWC LUTZ-LAND O’LAKES WOMAN’S CLUB is planning a smaller version of its annual Spring Flea Market fundraiser – pandemic style outdoors. The clubwomen will offer tons of great “STUFF” at bargain-basement prices. The Green Shirt Ladies are known for their FANTASTIC FLEAS and their funds raised are returned to the community!! WHEN: SATURDAY, APRIL 10 from 8 am to 1 pm RAIN DATE: SUNDAY, APRIL 11 from 8 am to 1 pm WHERE: Boy Scout Pack 12 property at 205 2nd Ave. SE, Lutz 33549 (off SR 41 just north of Lutz Elementary). INFO: Contact Peggy Andrews, Chair at (201-715-7638) Continue reading GFWC Spring Flea Market Fundraiser – April 10, 2021

Thank God For This Paper

Samantha Taylor, Samantha Taylor Fitness When I started my Personal Training business for women 21 years ago in this area, I was looking for a way to get my name out there. I was working out of a large gym at the time, and I wanted to inspire women to train with me so they could get the results they were looking for. I honestly remember having the conversation with my husband and wondering if we should spend the money because at that time, I was just starting so I didn’t have many resources. I knew something within me was … Continue reading Thank God For This Paper

The Power of Books

Submitted by Dr. Rob Norman What is your first memory of books? During the summer as a child, the bookmobile stopped each week a couple blocks away from my house. I remember the smell of the book’s interior, as if it was palpable and I could slice a piece of it. Books gave me a chance to live others lives, to go on wild and wonderful adventures in my mind and explore the uncharted universe. The fact that book reading levels have increased is because reading is essential. Books are complex, informative, and entertaining. They improve our imagination, give us … Continue reading The Power of Books