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Is your pet afraid of thunderstorms? Does your pet begin to pace, drool, cling tight to you or hide in the closet before or during a storm? If the answer is yes, then you are not alone. It is unknown what the exact triggers are for these panic attacks but many suspect thunder, lightning, wind, barometric pressure changes, and static electricity. Can your pet grow out of this condition, and is there anything that can be done? Most of the time pets do not grow out of this condition on their own and may pets will get worse at they … Continue reading Community Pet News

Life Christian University – Healing Prayers!

FOUR MIRACLES IN FOUR WEEKS CHARLIE WAS DIAGNOSED WITH ADVANCED LEUKEMIA after many CT scans and lab tests. Six doctors were to meet to plan treatment. One doctor explained it was a one-in-a-million possibility for the tests to come back negative: “It would be easier to win the lottery! It is impossible.” Charlie said, “But now I believe in God… LCU graduate Pastor Luis Perez had witnessed to his coworker Charlie and had the joy of seeing Charlie saved and healed. Click here to read more and watch living proof that God is at work even in the hardest of … Continue reading Life Christian University – Healing Prayers!

Life Christian University – Healing Prayers!

“LORD IF HE DIES TONIGHT AND IS GOING TO BE A TROPHY FOR HELL, I WILL STAND AT THE DOOR OF HELL AND PULL HIM OUT!” That’s what Pastor Gilberto said as he stood over Caesar’s hospital bed. Caesar had been in a terrible car accident in which he received a fractured skull. The doctors said he was about to die. But God had a different plan! Watch what happened as LCU graduate Pastor Gilberto Rodriguez heard and obeyed what God told him to do… Click the link to read and watch more… Continue reading Life Christian University – Healing Prayers!

Life Christian University – Healing Prayers!

THE LORD HAS HEALED MY BACK! When LCU graduate Pastor Israel Cabrera laid hands on Sarely, he could tell the Holy Spirit was doing something amazing in her body. Little did he know how desperately Sarely needed a touch from the Lord! As Pastor Israel prayed, she was miraculously and instantly healed – after the service she told him, “I believe the Lord has healed my back. Thank you, God!” Click the link to read and watch more… Continue reading Life Christian University – Healing Prayers!

Life Christian University – Healing Prayers

FOR THE SAKE OF MY CO-WORKERS… Her young secretary was in a coma and expected to die. Her boss called a company meeting to inform everyone and he asked LCU Graduate Rev. Deb to “say a prayer.” He had no idea what he was asking for! See what happens when a faith-filled believer takes bold action and takes the Kingdom of God by force! Click here to read and watch more… Continue reading Life Christian University – Healing Prayers

Ernest Walker: State Farm Insurance

By Brittany Cravatta State Farm. A company that we all know for their famous “Jake from State Farm” TV commercials. However, here in Tampa, Florida we have a special guy by the name of Ernest from State Farm. Ernest Walker started as a State Farm agent 17 years ago in the Chicagoland area. State Farm began in 1922 and has been a property & casualty industry leader since the 1920’s. Ernest was drawn to the company’s strong brand and high integrity. His business specializes in providing various types of insurance for customers, such as auto, homeowners, life, and health insurance … Continue reading Ernest Walker: State Farm Insurance

Hurricane Preparedness

Submitted by Michelle Spreadbury, Executive Assistant Chief Deputy Jeffrey Harrington, Pasco Sheriff’s Office Hurricane season is officially here. Although the county has focused on the COVID-19 pandemic, it is crucial to prepare for other disasters. The Pasco Sheriff’s Office encourages citizens to plan ahead for hurricane season. Preparing today can save lives and protect your property during a storm. A crucial first step is to make sure you have a hurricane supply kit. Your kit should include water, non-perishable food, batteries, toiletries, first-aid supplies, medications, cash and fuel. It is important to remember pet supplies, as well. It is recommended … Continue reading Hurricane Preparedness

How on Earth Did I Get Here?

By James H. Willis, III COVID-19 SPECIAL! $10.00 DURING JULY For 2020, we are doing a 12-month summary of my book. It is filled with unbelievable personal stories of conflict from family fights, divorces, and personal insecurities to living in a tree at 15, homeless. Later, the book recounts how the Lord’s guidance put me on the path of an overcomer! From being unloved, unwanted, and uncared for to healthy, happy and whole. CHAPTER 7: “A FIFTH OR A CASE?” I had been saved for four to five months when my friend Stephen threw a Bible onto the front seat … Continue reading How on Earth Did I Get Here?

Community Pet News

What Is the difference between fleas and ticks? There is actually a big difference. A flea is a wingless insect that can jump really far. Ticks are arachnids, closely related to spiders. Fleas can live for more than 100 days, while ticks can live from a few weeks to up to 3 years. Ticks can transmit dangerous diseases like Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain spotted fever. Ticks live on bushes and grass. When your pet walks by and brushes up against the grass or shrub the tick climbs up on the host. Once on the new host the tick will … Continue reading Community Pet News

Let’s Talk about the Revolutionary War!

Hi, my name is Harley, and today we’re gonna talk about the Revolutionary War. It began in 1775 and ended in 1783. It was a war that the colonists fought against the British so that they could live as an independent nation in the colonies and worship God. Also they did not want to pay the extra tax to Britain. 🇬🇧 Let’s talk about the Boston Tea Party, one of the many events that led up to the Revolutionary War. It all happened on December 16, when the Sons of Liberty threw tea overboard off a ship because they did … Continue reading Let’s Talk about the Revolutionary War!

Reflexology – Louise Richardson

By Brittany Cravatta Within these past few months, stress levels among people have increased drastically. Whether you’re a business owner just trying to get by or a parent trying to care for a child who is stuck at home due to school closures, it’s safe to say that 2020 is no one’s favorite year. Luckily, reflexologist Louise Richardson is here to calm your pent up anxieties. Louise moved from her home state of Rhode Island to the Tampa Bay area in 1989. Nearly 10 years later, she began studying and practicing reflexology and has enjoyed helping her clients along with … Continue reading Reflexology – Louise Richardson