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Honoring Mom

By Samantha Taylor Samantha Taylor Fitness A mom dedicates so much of her life to raise her children, investing her time to be there for whatever her kids need. And in the midst of caring for everyone else, mom often doesn’t take care of her own health. She carefully packs everyone’s lunch but her own. She makes sure everyone gets to their sports and activities but not her own. What mom doesn’t realize sometimes is that by not taking care of herself, she cannot give as much as she can to those kids because many times, she is just tired. … Continue reading Honoring Mom

Mike Fasano’s Offices Features CARES’ “Pet Project”

Tax Collector Mike Fasano’s Offices Features CARES’ “Pet Project” as the Charitable Giving Campaign for the Month of May Tax Collector Mike Fasano’s five offices will feature CARES (Community Aging & Retirement Services) as the charitable organization for the month of May, 2021. “Do it Fur Love!” is the slogan of the month’s campaign. All proceeds from the promotional effort will benefit CARES, and specifically the Pet Project, a program to help the elderly take care of their pets. CARES provides programs and services that help older adults stay in their homes by providing support to them, their caregivers and … Continue reading Mike Fasano’s Offices Features CARES’ “Pet Project”

Dragonflies vs Damselflies—What’s the Difference?

By Dr. Robert Norman While hiking recently at Moccasin Lake Park in Clearwater, I spotted a flying insect landing on a nearby plant. I was exploring for lichens, one of my new passions, and spotted the little beauty. Was it a dragonfly of a damselfly? How do you tell the difference? Members of the insect order Odonata include not only the true dragonflies but also the closely related group known as damselflies. The order includes roughly 5,900 species, of which about 3,000 are dragonflies (suborder Epiprocta, infraorder Anisoptera), and about 2,600 are damselflies (suborder Zygoptera). Here are some key differences … Continue reading Dragonflies vs Damselflies—What’s the Difference?