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Dealing With Delta

By Dr. J. Stacy Klutts Here’s what we know about the Delta variant. I have found a front row seat to all of the latest data since we used that information to make our national policy decisions, so here are a few important points that help explain why you should get vaccinated and wear a mask. I’ll try to do this so it makes sense to you. 1. The Delta variant has a particular collection of mutations in the spike protein that make it extremely effective in attaching to human cells and gaining entry. If the original COVID strains were … Continue reading Dealing With Delta

Even in My Pain, I Trust You

Samantha Taylor Samantha Taylor Fitness Many times it’s tragedies in life that test what we truly believe. I know this more than ever because it’s been over a month since my husband went to heaven. He was only 51 and in absolutely incredible physical shape, investing most of his life in health and fitness, so this is quite a shock. Honestly, I thought that with the level of care we took with our health that a physical illness wouldn’t be something that either of us would have to worry about at a young age. But I have painfully and humbly … Continue reading Even in My Pain, I Trust You

Live Oak Theatre announces that tickets are now on sale for “Shrek Jr.”

Live Oak Theatre is pleased to announce that tickets are now on sale for its Acorn Theatre production of “Shrek Jr.” sponsored by Jonathan McDonald of Sinkhole Titan. “Shrek Jr.” will be performed from August 13 to August 15 at the Carol and Frank Morsani Center for the Arts, 21030 Cortez Boulevard, Brooksville, Florida 34601. Seats are $15 for adults and $8 for children ages 13 and under, when accompanied by an adult. Friday, and Saturday evening shows are at 7:30pm; Saturday and Sunday matinees are at 2:30pm. “Shrek Jr.” is performed through the generosity of Jonathan McDonald and Sinkhole … Continue reading Live Oak Theatre announces that tickets are now on sale for “Shrek Jr.”

The Prodigal Son

Dr. Dan Coflin Pastor, River of Life Church Have you ever heard the story of the prodigal son? You can read it in the fifteenth chapter of the Gospel of Luke. Jesus was compelled to tell this story in response to the disdain of the Pharisees and scribes for their criticism of him because he “received” sinners. In other words, Jesus was following his mission to seek the wounded, rejected, and broken people whose lives had been devastated by sin and restore them to a right relationship with God. In this story, God is represented by the father who had … Continue reading The Prodigal Son

False Evidence Appearing Real

False Evidence Appearing Real Jesus had been teaching the crowds and was weary. Just a day like every other day. In order to self-isolate, He and His disciples boarded a boat and headed toward the other side of the lake. He was resting in the stern when suddenly something unexpected happened: a violent storm erupted around them, swamping the boat. Isn’t that exactly what is happening to us today. Our storm is a pandemic, but the resulting emotions and fears are the same. They feared almost immediate death, while we fear major illness, possible death, a collapse of our economy, … Continue reading False Evidence Appearing Real

The Great Florida Outdoors: Florida Coonties and Atala Butterflies

Photo caption: Coontie Cycad According to Daniel F. Culbert in a report for, “Sunshine State gardeners have rediscovered the Florida coontie as a native plant well adapted to Florida yards. Its increased use in landscapes has encouraged the … Continue reading The Great Florida Outdoors: Florida Coonties and Atala Butterflies