Andy Whitten, Family Man & Financial Advisor


By Karen McBride

Andy Whitten is a family man and Financial Advisor at PFG Private Wealth Management, LLC (“PFG”).

He moved to Tampa when he was 9 years old. They were living in Memphis, Tennessee when his father was invited to become the senior pastor at Idlewild Baptist Church. His father accepted the position, and the family moved to Tampa.

Andy had the opportunity to return to his home state and attended the University of Memphis for two years, where he played baseball and met his future wife.

He returned to Tampa and played baseball at the University of Tampa until graduating in 2003. He and his wife continued their long distance relationship until graduation, and then they were married.

He knew early on that finance would be his career path. “As a child, when everyone got their allowance and was spending it on ice cream, I was putting mine in my California Raisin piggy bank. I was intrigued with savings and dollars.”

His interest in savings and his desire to help people led to his career in finance. “It made for a good fit.” said Andy.

He joined PFG in February, 2016. His favorite part of his job is making complex things seem simple for people to help them get where they want to go. “Nothing is more rewarding than hearing someone say thank you for showing me my financial picture and reducing my stress.”

The faith-based owners of PFG are actively involved in the community, with organizations such as Oasis Pregnancy Care Centers, Meals On Wheels, CASA (Community Action Stops Abuse), and more. In addition to his volunteering at Oasis Pregnancy Care Centers, Andy serves at Idlewild Baptist Church, where he is a coach, deacon, teacher, and a member of the finance committee.

Andy and his wife Krystal have two children. Krystal is a gifted artist in calligraphy and handlettering scripture. She has created her own prayer journal that is now being sold in 30 different stores. To see her work, go to

For help with your financial planning, contact Andy at 813-286-7776 or via email at Be sure to read his featured articles in the Gazette newspaper or click on the links below:


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