Thank God For This Paper


Samantha Taylor, Samantha Taylor Fitness

When I started my Personal Training business for women 21 years ago in this area, I was looking for a way to get my name out there. I was working out of a large gym at the time, and I wanted to inspire women to train with me so they could get the results they were looking for. I honestly remember having the conversation with my husband and wondering if we should spend the money because at that time, I was just starting so I didn’t have many resources. I knew something within me was telling me to go for it and that I needed to test it out.

I was new to marketing 21 years ago, but I can say it’s one of the FIRST places I ever marketed my weight loss and fitness business, and I still look back today and am amazed at what this paper has done for my life and my business. People started calling and little by little it started to increase. With time, I became a mini-celebrity in our area from being in the local paper so much and people started to see me as the authority on women’s health and fitness. So much business came in from this paper that after three years I was able to leave the large corporate gym and rented space from another small studio.

It was scary, but I knew that God was inspiring me to do it and I knew that with the response I was getting from this paper that I could make the transition. Ironically, my first month on my own I had one of the biggest months I ever had up to that time, and I am so grateful Dunndeal was a partner with me in making that happen.

Things were going well, but I did want a place of my own, a place that women could feel comfortable being in a private environment and with women around their same age. So after a year, I was able to move into my own place, and I knew because of the response I was getting from Dunndeal that I could do it. So, 12 years ago I opened my own studio on Florida Avenue and was there for three years.

This paper was always my #1 place that was getting me the most calls. I think it’s also because people like to hear about what is going on in the community and they like to read about positive stories. I had no idea community papers were such an impact on people, but they obviously are.

Then, because of how many women I was helping, nine years ago I was able to step out in faith again and get into my next studio that was almost twice the size, on SR 54 in Lutz. I know without the constant phone calls coming in from Dunndeal I would not be where I am today. And because of their great reach, we were able to open multiple locations in 3 counties! It’s rather momentous for me because this paper was truly the beginning of an amazing career where I get the honor to help so many women lose weight and get healthy—to the tune of over 12 tons of fat that we have helped women lose.

I thank God for this paper, for I know He used it to catapult my business, to get my message out there and to be able to help over 7,500 women lose weight! And even in the tough times over the last twenty years, I knew I couldn’t stop advertising, I knew I had to be consistent. And by being faithful, we have been so busy we were able to just fully renovate the studio including putting down rubber flooring in the whole place.

I am so grateful that Dunndeal called me twenty years ago to ask if I wanted to be a part of what they were doing. At the time, I had no idea when I said yes that I was not spending money, I was investing money in not only my future but all of the people’s lives that my business improves.
It really is amazing, and if you want to get known in the community, this paper is the way to do it. Thank you, Dunndeal, and thank you, Kay and Mark, for being such nice people to work with and for helping improve our community together. You two truly care about our communities.
God bless you!


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