How Do You Start Turning Your Life Back Around?


By Samantha Taylor, Samantha Taylor Fitness

How do you rebound in life after everything has been turned upside down? Many of you can relate to that question with everything we’ve been through in this country the last year and a half! Some of you may have lost jobs or homes or gone through some traumatic experiences like losing a loved one, like I recently did.

Some people have really dealt with depression and struggling with how different things are and being so distant from people still. Some of you may have gained weight with things being so stressful. They say that the average weight gain per person during this time has been 29 pounds, so if that’s you, you’re not alone.

So this doesn’t turn into a bigger problem in so many areas of our lives, the one thing to think about is there needs to be a point where we get back on track in our mind and we rebound, regardless of the circumstances around us. And we make the best of the situation we have because the consequences of staying stuck are too huge in our lives and will cause more damage if we don’t get back on track.

Many of us thought that things would get better in 2021 and they’ve only been just as crazy and it doesn’t look like it’s changing anytime soon. I have learned that we have to start getting on track regardless of the circumstances because we can’t wait for the situation around us to change. A good place to start is to pray about it and ask for God to help you in these difficult times. That is another area that some people have struggled with, their personal time with God.

2022 is going to be here before we know it, and if you do not want to carry with you some of the burdens that you’ve gathered from the last year and a half, then it’s important to start taking action now before next year gets here. What is one thing you can do to help your mental health and well-being? What is one thing you can do to become healthier or more fit?

Being in a community of other women that can help support you to get back on track is something we can certainly help with. I realized as a company that I wanted to help the community do just that and I know that financially when things are tough, that can stop people as well from investing in their health and fitness. I wanted to do something very special for you, so we are giving a 30% off companywide discount for the rest of 2021!!

I’ve never done anything like this before, so if you’ve been thinking about trying out our studios or if you already have and you want to come back, then this is the time to do it. We want to help you get back on track together, for I too am getting back on track in my own life.

Go to this website to book a free consultation, and you’re more than welcome to do a free session to see how comfortable you feel. Let’s get back on track together, we can do this! If you have gained extra weight and you don’t want to take that into 2022 with you, now is the time to start. Start off this coming year with something that you are proud of accomplishing, and reap the benefits of feeling stronger and experiencing an improved life with more energy and happiness!


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