Peace in the Midst of the Storm


I wanted to share something I felt the Lord said to me recently. He spoke to me. “This time of setback will become a great comeback!” You know the Lord is never caught by surprise! A storm never upset Him. Even when one came suddenly, his response was, “Peace! Be still!”

You may have experienced a great storm that has affected you in your health, finances, your jobs, your mind, relationships, and everyday life. You may have felt like you have experienced a great setback.
A setback is defined as a reversal, a hindrance, and an interruption in progress. Have you felt like that? Suddenly, life changed! The disciples were rowing in a boat one night, and suddenly a furious storm of wind of hurricane proportions arose. The waves kept beating into the boat so much they thought they were going to die! Jesus was with them in the boat, sleeping. When the disciples woke him up, their first fearful remark was, “Don’t you care that we are perishing?” Mark 4:38. They were experiencing a major setback! Isn’t it interesting that many times when people experience trouble, including Christians, they somehow want to blame God and embrace the thought that He doesn’t care?

This response is a reflection of a heart that has not become fully aware of His love! God does not devise evil against man. In the book of James, it clearly states that God cannot and will not tempt or test any man with evil. In fact, it says never let that be uttered from your mouth. He’s the one that cared so much He gave His only begotten Son to die, be buried, and be raised again so that we could be given eternal life. This is just the opposite of a picture of an evil God trying to hurt us.

The disciples watched how much Jesus cared for them in the midst of their setback when they saw his response. He stilled the storm! “Peace! Be still!”

Did you know we can have peace in the midst of a storm? Yes, and even one of hurricane proportions. Your mind can be experiencing all kinds of tempting thoughts to be fearful and hopeless, but you don’t have to seize those thoughts! You can be the gatekeeper of your mind and cast off those thoughts and imaginations.

Jesus can be your peace in the midst of the storm. In fact, in Matthew 11:28-29 AMP, it says, “Come to me, all you who labor and are heavy-laden and overburdened, and I will cause you to rest. [I will ease and relieve and refresh your souls.] Take my yoke upon you and learn of me, for I am gentle (meek) and humble (lowly) in heart, and you will find rest (relief, ease, refreshment, recreation, and blessed quiet) for your souls.”

How awesome is that? Here’s an offer of rest, eased burden, and refreshment for your soul. You’ll notice he didn’t say, “I will come to you.” He said, “Come to me,” and then he puts out a plea of asking the ones who come to learn of Him. This tells me that we need to be taught.

He has some things about His character to reveal to us. He wants to teach us about the way He does things. He wants to reveal His Father’s love to us and teach us the role of the Holy Spirit within us. As we learn, something supernatural begins to take place. A new peace and refreshment comes to abide within us that he so wants to give!

Doesn’t that sound like a God who cares for us in the midst of the storm? Now that also sounds like a comeback to me, from a place of discouragement to a place of hope once again.

A comeback is defined as a return to a former position or condition. This could relate to your health, success, relationships, finances, your peace of mind, and so many other places in life! When you experience a comeback, the storm no longer dictates to you a distressed heart. You come to the place that even in the midst of your storm, your heart has found a place of peace.

You have come to know your heavenly Father, who is the burden-bearer, and He will take care of you, revealing His love and provision in the most difficult of circumstances.
Food for thought!

Dr. Dianne Coflin,
Co-pastor of
River of Life Church
410 E. Chapman Rd.
Lutz, FL

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