Are You A Health Investor Or A Health Destroyer?


Samantha Taylor, Samantha Taylor Fitness

What does it mean to be a health investor compared to a health destroyer? When you make an investment, you expect a return on what you put into it, either in time, money or effort. When you learn to invest in your health and fitness, you realize that you’re putting something into a valuable asset that will pay you returns not only in your daily life of energy, vitality, and happiness but also benefiting from it in the years to come.

Lynn Smith is an example of how she has invested in her health so that she can reap the benefits and rewards of that investment not only every day but also in her 80’s! She lives life fit and strong and is glad to not be afraid of viruses since she’s taken care of her health.

I got to work out with Lynn a couple of months ago and it was such an honor to do so because I loved seeing how strong she is! It truly amazes me how God made the human body to be able to preserve, if you maintain muscle tone. That is one of the biggest things that I see people lose as they age is their muscle.

If you lose that, you lose your balance. It slows down your metabolism and affects your body shape. You also lose the structural support of your body, which affects aches and pains and it can affect your posture.

That’s one disadvantage of going on low calorie and starvation diets to lose weight— you can tend to lose muscle. That causes all kinds of other problems that can actually make weight loss more difficult in the future.

One thing to think about when you make decisions is, are you investing in your health with that decision, or are you destroying your health? It’s as simple as thinking about this when you think about eating a meal that you know is not healthy for your body and is going to move you further away from your goals, rather than closer to them. Getting consciously aware of what you’re doing before you do it is what can affect your behavior. That is a key to change, not just regretting it after you’ve already done it!

Now more than ever, I think we as a nation are thinking more about our level of health and our body’s ability to fight off the concern of a virus that is proven to be more destructive in already compromised health. Start to make plans now to invest in your health. How can you start investing in your health? Ask yourself, “Is this food choice investing in my health and my future to reap the benefits or is it destroying or stealing from my health? Causing negative consequences in the future?”

Look at your monthly budget. If your budget is not investing some type of money into your health and fitness, it’s time to re-analyze where your money is going. Because if you don’t put some money towards your health and fitness and making sure that you are taking care of your body, it’s more likely that sickness will force you to pay for it later.

We either make the pro-active choice to plan for feeling and looking amazing and we invest in our health or we choose to not make it a priority and suffer with the negative consequences.
Learn to be a health investor, not a health destroyer. This is built on a lifestyle of healthy choices. We would love to help you know how to do this. Meet with us for your free Body Transformation Analysis so you can see how much you love it! We have already helped over 7,500 women in these communities, are you ready to be next?
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