Pasco Sheriff’s Office Urges Crime Prevention


The Pasco Sheriff’s Office has seen a recent uptick in crimes committed by juveniles. Unfortunately, one of these juvenile crimes resulted in the death of an innocent woman. However, many of these crimes are easily preventable with minimal effort.

This rash of juvenile crime is fueled by “crimes of opportunity,” where a juvenile will target an unlocked vehicle and steal any valuables, or sometimes even the vehicle itself. Items stolen can range from cash or wallets left in the vehicle to firearms or other weapons. These weapons and vehicles are then used to commit additional crimes and perpetuate the issue of juvenile crime.

As a crime of opportunity, suspects usually walk away from doors that are locked, as entering these vehicles or homes would draw attention to the crime being committed.

The Pasco Sheriff’s Office urges residents to follow the #9PMRoutine each night. Around 9pm each night, take a moment to ensure that no valuables, including weapons, are left in your vehicle and that the doors are locked. Additionally, take this time to make sure that the windows and doors of your home are closed and locked, and that you close your garage door.

Making this part of your nightly routine can go a long way in preventing crimes of opportunity, such as those being committed by juveniles.

The #9PMRoutine relies on breaking the triangle of crime by removing an opportunity to commit a crime. While the Pasco Sheriff’s Office, along with our community partners, continue to address ways to limit the desire for juveniles to commit these crime, the most effective way to reduce crime is to take away opportunity by locking your doors.

With the #9PMRoutine, you can help us prevent further juvenile crime, while reducing your chances of becoming a victim to crimes such as these.

Further, if you observe something suspicious in your neighborhood, please contact the Pasco Sheriff’s Office at either the Pasco County Communications Center non-emergency line at 727-847-8102, option 7. If you observe a crime in progress or feel threatened or in danger, call 911 immediately.

By reporting suspicious activity in your neighborhood, you also help the Pasco Sheriff’s Office solve crimes by providing valuable information on possible crime in your neighborhood.

Thank you for your continued support, as we work to keep Pasco County safe and address juvenile crime. You can help by remembering the #9PMRoutine; secure your vehicles by removing the valuables, locking your doors and closing your windows. Don’t forget to close garage doors and lock your home’s doors and windows. With your help, we can make our community a safer place for all.

Pasco Sheriff’s Office
Phone: 727-844-7705


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