Access Health Care Offers a Vital Health Message to the Communities It Serves


Spring Hill, Florida (May 19, 2020) Access Health Care’s CEO, Pariksith Singh, MD, its leadership team and medical staff is reaching out to spread a vital message to the community. It is becoming apparent that the focus of everyone on the Covid crisis is creating a major issue in several local communities regarding other serious health conditions.

“We are hearing from several of our providers that many patients were having an exacerbation of their medical history/complaint or new medical complaints are delaying calls to their physicians or even 911,” said Dr. Singh.

Several communities are seeing less patients being transported and those who are coming into hospitals are high acuity patients. There is an increase in deaths and cardiac arrests at home. There is an increase in refusal of transports.

While Access Health Care Physicians, LLC, understands that during this time, fear is a driving factor of this behavior. The following messages must be driven home:

• It is extremely important that patients who are having an exacerbation of their medical history/complaints or new medical complaints must stay in contact with their physician and follow their instructions of care.

• Patients should call their doctor’s office to get advice before doing anything. They should especially not ignore signs or issues with their conditions.

Each Access Health Care office/practice and each individual patient is different. When you call your doctor’s office, they may wish to do a teleconference with you, which is extremely easy. Whether the physician chooses to see you in the office after the call is up to the physician’s discretion. The patient is treated individually, and it is important for patients to form strong relationships with their providers and rely on their provider’s judgment.

Your physician’s offices and the local hospitals have set up protocols to keep covid vs. non-covid hospital units, employees, and patients separated. If the physician advises you to call 9-1-1, it must be done immediately. Otherwise, follow your doctor’s instructions.

Situations when you should not hesitate to call your physician or 9-1-1.

• Stroke symptoms: sudden loss of balance, sudden blurry vision or double vision, face drooping, arm weakness, speech difficulty
• Heart condition symptoms: chest discomfort, discomfort in other areas of the upper body, and shortness of breath
• Any other condition or change that seems out of the norm for your health, such as persistent cough, fever, or loss of smell or taste.

“A wide variety of issues are exacerbated during times of crisis. Be assured that Access Health Care is prepared to respond to its patients’ needs. If you do not have a doctor, call 352-688-8116,” said Dr. Singh.

About Access Health Care Physicians, LLC
Access Health Care Physicians, LLC is a multiservice medical practice consisting of over 200 healthcare providers and over 1,200 employees at more than 89 locations throughout Florida. Our healthcare professionals provide a wide range of services not only in our offices but within patients’ homes. Yes, we make house calls.

Our medical services include:
• Comprehensive Diabetes Care Clinic
• Blood Draws
• Holter Monitor
• Physical Therapy and Rehab
• Vascular Study
• Nuclear Stress Testing
• Echocardiogram/EKG
• Carotid Doppler
• Venous Doppler
• Arterial Doppler
• Ultrasound
• Bone Density Testing
• Pulmonary Function Testing
• Anodyne Treatment
• Treatment of injuries resulting from automobile accidents including soft tissue injuries

Access Health Care Physicians, LLC main office is located at 5350 Spring Hill Drive, Spring Hill, Florida 34606. For more information call 352-688-8116, visit us at or like us on Facebook.

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