Where Did The Time Go?


Samantha Taylor
Samantha Taylor Fitness

It’s hard to believe it’s already March! Didn’t it just seem like we were rushing through the excitement to the “big 2020”? Before we know it, the 1st quarter of the year will be over… then only 3 more of those and it’s 2021.

My point to mentioning this is how quickly the time can go by and if we are not making sure our daily habits are setting us up for success, then we will quickly find ourselves frustrated and asking ourselves how we ended up where we didn’t want to be.

Many people had goals to lose weight and get serious about their health in 2020. As you analyze the fact that its already the 3rd month into 2020, how are you doing on those weight loss and health goals?

If you are not doing well with them, it’s not about beating yourself up, it’s about recognizing if you are on track or not and making adjustments.

One way to adjust is to think of something small you can do to start moving forward toward your goal. What is one thing you can do better tomorrow that you didn’t do last week, to get closer to your goals?

If you haven’t worked out in weeks, then make yourself get a brisk walk or run for 20 minutes before the end of the week so you can start somewhere.

We all know that as we get older, we see how fast time goes. It’s the new year, then summer, then the holidays… then all over again.

That is why we must make sure those daily healthy habits are set up and working FOR us, instead of against us. So when you all of the sudden realize you are 10 years older, you can look back and know that you have aged gracefully and your body is fit and strong. If that hasn’t been the history of your last few years, then start to do something different today, start to build those habits so they run on autopilot.

This will help you celebrate your next few years and you can be proud of what you have accomplished with your health and fitness.

That is one thing about habits, they can be good or bad ones that do run on autopilot. A habit is something that you do automatically over and over again without really thinking about it.

So think about how if you can develop some positive, healthy habits, those too run on autopilot and set you up for success instead of failure. One healthy habit I recommend developing is making a habit of taking 10 minutes the night before to plan for tomorrow the food you can take with you, so you are prepared.

That one simple habit can help prevent time being stolen from you when you are too busy, rushing around everywhere and didn’t have any idea of what you were going to eat.

What you eat on a daily basis can be about 80% of your success with having a healthy weight, and that is one reason we have a full-time Licensed Dietitian on staff to help our members.

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