Don’t Shoot the Messenger


David Cravatta,
Wells Fargo
Associate VP, Investments

In this day and age we hear a lot of discussion of “alternative” lifestyles and in particular the LGBQ community and homosexuality. Indeed, over the past twenty or thirty years, gay relationships have become acceptable and even considered normal mostly by the millennial generation. As a baby boomer, I will admit I have a very difficult time with this because I don’t understand that type of love or same-sex attraction. I’ve had friends and clients who have admitted they are gay and attempt to explain it but it just doesn’t sink in. Frankly, it does not matter what I think, what I believe or discuss privately because it is not about me. What matters is what does God have to say about this?

While some say that God is accepting of any relationship, the Bible paints a very different picture. Just because the world has become more accepting of these relationships and lifestyles, whether it be through the courts or otherwise, does not make it justified in His eyes. In fact, God clearly labels this lifestyle as unacceptable. But to openly mention that homosexuality is wrong is quite unpopular in today’s culture. After all, who am I to point that out? My mother, God rest her soul, always said not to throw rocks in glass houses and that is not my intention here.

Many in the gay community have argued insistently the heart of this claim is nothing more than poor biblical scholarship, a cultural bias of same-gender relationships and “selective” behavior. Further, many take the position that the LGBQ community are a part of God’s wondrous creation, created to be just who they are and completely loved and treasured by God. Not to sound disingenuous, but where is this written? Can someone please provide a reference in either Testament books? What I have read and will reference is Paul’s letter to the Romans and his reiteration of God’s command on abstaining from this behavior (Rom: 1:26-27) as well as his other letters to the early church.

Over the years, churches have revised their view of this issue to their congregations and many have changed their bylaws reflecting their acceptance of “marriage equality”. The latest announcement from the United Methodist Church and its acceptance of marriage equality, which represents the second-largest Protestant denomination (13 million members) has essentially caused the church to split in two. Question is, which denomination is truthful and which is bending God’s rules? Bottom line here is, I do not condemn this behavior, God does. God’s word has not changed, man has changed His word. God’s word and commandments are man’s edification. Obeying the perfect, unchanging commandments of God written thousands of years ago creates life and more life abundantly. Christ said over and over that disobeying His truth results in death.

Society continues to insist an alternative lifestyle is perfectly fine and in fact wholesome. The Bible claims otherwise: “…if a man also lie with another man as he lieth with a woman, both have committed an abomination which they shall surely be put to death; their blood will be upon them.”(Lev 20: 13). Don’t shoot me, for I’m only the messenger.

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