Ecoroq Natural Refrigeration


Ecoroq provides natural, environmental solutions for any business using refrigeration. By controlling humidity and bacterial levels, Ecoroq filters assist refrigeration equipment in achieving the best storage conditions faster and more efficiently, according to Ecoroq Sales Executive Lisa Huston.

Ecoroq’s proprietary humidity and bacteria control filter technology consists primarily of a multi-sorted natural mineral compound called Guerite, a mineral found in the Mojave Desert. The mineral in the Ecoroq filter attracts contaminated water molecules, which are then filtered through the microscopic, crystalline pores of the minerals, acting as a molecular sieve. Purified water particles then are released back into the refrigerated environment. Guerite is 100% natural, environmentally friendly, and completely recyclable. Filters are serviced monthly by Ecoroq Central Florida’s professional team at an affordable rate.

Clients with reach-in and walk-in coolers enjoy reduced costs and increased profit with Ecoroq filters. The product:

• Eliminates 80% of airborne mold and bacteria.
• Lowers temperature at least 3 degrees.
• Keeps produce at peak freshness twice as long.
• Get up to seven more pours per keg of beer.
• Absorbs odors and prevents crosscontamination.
• Keeps refrigeration coils free of debris, which allows them to operate more efficiently.
• Removes excess moisture and lowers the risk of work-place injury and workers compensation claims by maintaining dry floors in walk-in coolers.

In addition, a third-party study shows a 17% energy reduction and lower carbon footprint for facilities who use the filtration technology. Over the past 17 years, this simple, effective system has gained thousands of satisfied customers worldwide. Some of our customers include Abby’s Health & Nutrition, BallyHoo Grill, Vallarta’s, Brookdale Senior Living, Carrollwood Country Club, Edible Arrangements, Primetime, Tampa Bay Downs, and Tampa Yacht & Country Club.

Ecoroq filters come in 3 sizes. The two larger filters are for commercial use. The residential version, Fridge Buddy, is available for home use for $20. For a free two-week, no obligation trial, contact Sales Executive Lisa Huston of Ecoroq Central Florida at 727-515-5909.


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