Your Body, the Temple of God?


Samantha Taylor
Samantha Taylor Fitness

People always ask me what finally made my life turn around with my food issues so I started having victory. Actually, it started after I was binging at a pizza place and the server recognized who I was as the health expert in this THIS paper, 17 years ago!

After the server called me out, God started to remind me about the scripture that refers to our body as the Temple of God. I felt convicted that I was struggling so much with food even though I was the #1 trainer in the company out of 2,000 trainers. I still couldn’t get myself to stop eating unhealthily.

Although I had heard that scripture many times, this time was different, it hit me at the core of my spirit and I realized that food had become an idol in my life and that I needed help!

I started looking at the scriptures that talk about how when Jesus was crucified, He paid a price for us and that we don’t own our bodies anymore (of course this applies only to believers and those that believe in what the Bible teaches about this). It says when He was crucified and rose from the dead, that gave the ability for our bodies to be the Temple of God.

This was huge for me to really SEE this at a different level and I realized that I was not taking care of the Temple He had given me. I also realized that I didn’t have a right to abuse it or do whatever I wanted with it but I needed to ask God for help on this through prayer and studying the Bible. Little by little I started to overcome the dysfunctional relationship I had with food and I no longer binged, I overcame compulsive eating and my sugar addiction.

After 30 years of struggling with food and sugar, I realized it was time to make a change. So how about you? How have you been honoring the body that God gave you? Have you been a good “manager or steward” over it? With this month being the celebration of Resurrection day (aka Easter), perhaps use this time to reflect on this and ask God to give you an understanding of what this means in your life and how He wants you to implement it.

Taking care of our health is not only for us and our family but it’s also honoring to God. He said to glorify God in our bodies, that it is worship to Him. Eating foods that are addictive and unhealthy and are linked to disease are not glorifying God in our bodies. It’s not about a certain size or weight, it’s about a heart attitude of honoring your body as God’s temple and making sure you don’t have any idolatry in your life with food.

Last month I was able to teach at my church a message called Fit Temple and you can see it here: Also if you need some help honoring your body, I have five personal training studios for women and that is what we do. We also have a 6-week challenge starting April 15th, see my website.

Have a wonderful time celebrating Resurrection weekend! It’s also the day that my husband and I celebrate 24 years of when we went to church and responded to the call of God and dedicated our lives to Christ. We didn’t want to go to church that day, but someone invited us, so we went. Think of someone you can invite to church for it matters, you never know whose life you will impact. And make sure you go, too.
*1 Corinthians 6:19-20


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