Former Student Now An Instructor: Anthony Chaumont


By Grand Master Zico Cheng (7th Degree Black Belt)

As one of the oldest martial arts training schools in Tampa Bay, John Prevatt martial arts school teaches fundamental values used in the world of martial arts (respect, integrity, courtesy) while helping students develop their skills with a “can do” attitude. Our well-qualified black belt instructors are dedicated, patient, and are willing to guide students in our disciplined training environment.

We are proud to have produced many former students who continue to excel in their own career paths while exercising what they learned during training.

Many current and former students have become our close extended family members of our school. Our strong ties are always there to surprise us.

Mr. Anthony Chaumont is one. A few years ago, he came by with a desire to restart his training after 15 years of absence. To my delight, he was a former student of John Prevatt American Tae Kwon Do School where he and his older brother trained during their youths. By start of college, he was a proud 2nd degree black belt.

Not only has Anthony chosen his childhood martial arts school system for his return, he brought his wife and daughter also. Last year, he earned his 3rd degree black belt and became our Chief Instructor.

John Prevatt Karate
1916 Oak Grove Blvd., Lutz
(813) 948-4004


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