The Great Florida Outdoors: Antlions

Dr. Robert Norman, Clinical Professor, Dermatology, Nova Southeastern University Who makes these circular depressions? 1. Antlion 2. The Concave Sandborer 3. Ground Wasp 4. Palmetto Beetle 5. Feral Sand Nymphs The antlions (Distoleon tetragrammicus) are a group of about 2,000 species of insect in the family Myrmeleontidae that are known for the fiercely predatory habits of their larvae. Many species dig pits to trap passing ants or other prey. The adult insects are less well known and mostly fly at dusk or after dark. They may be mistakenly identified as dragonflies or damselflies and are sometimes known as antlion lacewings. … Continue reading The Great Florida Outdoors: Antlions