Kidz Corner: SummerSing


Hi! My name is Harley, and this month’s topic is SummerSing. What’s SummerSing? SummerSing is a worship arts camp that kids go to to have fun and learn about Jesus. There are different classes about a lot of things. There’s Incredible Edibles, where you make pretty things that you can eat, as in drawing on bread and creating slime you can eat . There’s Origami (which my mom taught) and Outdoor Survival which is awesome, but I didn’t get to do it 😭. So you pick five classes you want to do and you get two of those five. The classes I got were Pampered Hearts for Jesus and Be Our Guest.

Pampered Hearts is an all-girls class where you basically pamper yourself and the other girls in the class. It’s super fun! On Monday we talked about being modest and we made sugar scrubs. On Tuesday we painted picture frames. On Wednesday we made rag flip-flops. On Thursday we did a pedicure. We washed each other‘s feet and painted each other’s nails. And we did lotion. It was awesome.

Be Our Guest was a class about etiquette. On Monday we learned how to introduce ourselves to other people. On Tuesday we learned how to start conversations. On Wednesday we learned how to fold napkins, introduce other people to other people, and make very pretty centerpieces. On Thursday we had a feast. It was very awesome.

In SummerSing, you have different teams. I was on the Key Lime Pies. Each team has to try to get more points than the other teams. The other teams were the Gold Doubloons, the White Wolves, the Silver Storms, the Blue Bolts, the Purple Penguins, the Green Glow sticks, the Navy Seals, the Red Rock Climbers, the Orange Slices, the Pink Piñatas, and the Black Barracudas.

You get points by memorizing Bible verses, doing devotions, behaving, earning stickers in classes, bringing in donations, and participating in rehearsals. The Key Lime Pies brought in the most donations, but the Pink Piñatas got the most points. My team came in fifth. Anyways, because we won the donations, the team captains in second and third place got to slime my Captain Hannah. Why do people slime the winners? Isn’t sliming a punishment? 🤷🏻‍♀

Well, if you want to sign up your completed 2nd – 5th grader for SummerSing (and I think you should), go to next early June. SummerSing is a very good thing. This week was a good reminder that Jesus came to earth to serve, not to be served. He is preparing a feast for us in heaven.

Bye for now! Isaiah 25:6

Harley Isabel Smith is a 2nd grader who has been featured on TV as a philanthropist, has a heart for evangelism, and writes monthly for the Gazette’s Kid’s Corner.

Photograph by Kem Arfaras


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