Your Health Matters

Samantha Taylor

By Samantha Taylor

Your health matters, not only to you but to your family and to God. He is the One that created you and put you on this earth for a purpose. Taking care of your health is so important, for it impacts the quality of life we live on this earth.

Although I am humbly reminded that God is in control of the last breath any of us will take, no matter how much we do to take care of our health and body. What taking care of your health can do is increase your quality of life and give your body the best fighting chance to fight off anything that tries to harm it.

I have brutally learned that no matter how healthy we can be and take care of our bodies, it doesn’t make any of us totally immune to sickness that can come sometimes. Sure, our bodies can fight off more things when we are healthier, but it doesn’t guarantee anything.

It’s difficult for me to write, but God recently took my wonderful husband, Drew, to Heaven. It is SO shocking. I am trying to process it after being with this man for 29 years and was the love of my life. He was also the support behind me and the reason why I started Samantha Taylor Fitness. But I just know that God gives me great comfort and His peace surrounds me, holds me up, and helps me have hope even in the most difficult pain one could ever imagine.

My husband invested his life working out and eating healthier more than anyone I know, so this has been quite shocking beyond words to see what he just went through. I had to get something in this paper since it was due, but I just can’t write the details about this here, for my heart is broken beyond words. I put more details on this page below, please take a minute to read it, it will impact you.

Thank you for so many of you that prayed for us and still pray for me. I can feel it, they strengthen me too. Even in my pain and agony, I have hope in God and I trust Him that He has a plan and a reason for this, even though it is nothing I would have ever imagined.

God has given me peace that is beyond description even in my pain. He is the great comforter. I would like to show you how this has happened in this difficult time. See this page:


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