The Moringa Oleifera—The Tree of Life!


A Supermarket On A Tree
Prevents 300 diseases!
9x MORE iron than spinach!
14x MORE calcium than in milk!
4x MORE potassium than in bananas!
4x MORE fiber than oats!
2x MORE protein than in eggs!

Imagine a tree in your backyard that will meet most of your nutritional needs, purify your water, and take care of you medicinally!

Extreme weather can damage and kill this remarkable species. Every part of this tree can be used for the health and nourishment of humans and domestic animals: the leaves, the flowers, the roots, and bark all have nutritional properties. Additionally, the entire plant can be plowed back into the earth to nourish the soil, or the leaves may be used as mulch to fertilize and feed other crops. The leaves may be ground, mixed with water and sprayed onto plants as a natural pesticide. When the seeds are crushed, they may be used to filter and purify water. The benefits of the Moringa species seems to be limitless.


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