How to Transform Your Mind to Change Behavior

Samantha Taylor

Samantha Taylor, Samantha Taylor Fitness

Have you ever wondered why you do the same thing over and over again when it causes you pain or frustration? I have asked this question for years because I used to struggle eating foods that I would regret, but then do it again.

I had all the “knowledge” about food and nutrition, but I still couldn’t stop eating unhealthy food. Many years ago, I started to search in the Bible for answers to this and I found scriptures that talk about being transformed by the renewing of your mind. That word transformed means metamorphosis, like when a caterpillar goes into a cocoon and comes out a butterfly. There is a transformation that takes place to cause it to change.

In order for our minds to be renewed and to think differently so we transform, it tells us to renew our minds. That word renew means renovation, like renovating a kitchen. You have to write up plans for the new design, gut out the old design, and install the new kitchen. So, when it comes to our mind, we have to recognize our old ways of thinking, come up with a new plan, and put in the new ways of thinking. That word, renew, also means with repetition, intensity, and reversal, which makes sense because our behavior is not just changed when we think about it once. We have to work on it with repetition and intensity and have to reverse our old ways of thinking.

For example, if your old ways of thinking have told you it doesn’t matter if you go to a restaurant and eat fried food loaded with excess carbs, fat, and calories, and when you eat it, you feel gross and bloated. And you realize you just consumed over 2,500 calories in 10 minutes, of course that is going to affect your weight loss goals and your health. So how do you change that behavior?

You renew your mind with new ways of thinking and realize, yes it does matter if I do that. I had to admit to myself that I always felt gross and regretted it when I was done eating unhealthy foods, so why would I continue to do that to my body!? I had to come up with a new plan for food in those situations. So, I would think about in advance of what I was going to order instead and have a new plan.

It took practice and no, it wasn’t easy at first, but with repetition, intensity, and reversing those old thoughts, I was able to totally change my thinking and transform my relationship with food. And instead of food pushing me around and feeling like I had to eat what was tempting me, I became in control of my food choices.

You can do this too! If you want to learn more, I have a study on three scriptures about this on how to renew your mind and help you to overcome food cravings. You can go here to get the free download. And if you want to get help in person, we have four personal training studios for women with a dietitian. Go here for more details:
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