“Reading the Florida Landscape” by Dr. Robert Norman


Be sure to read Dr. Norman’s book “Reading the Florida Landscape“.

Reading the Florida Landscape offers all levels of nature enthusiasts an opportunity to improve their skills and increase their appreciation of Florida’s wonderful outdoors. Great photographs and maps enhance the reading pleasure, and diverse and exciting narratives on Florida nature are included. Using interviews with conservation scientists and historical and current case studies, the book blends the skills and knowledge gained from the author’s experiences as a physician and an advanced Florida Master Naturalist to discuss how to identify, or perhaps diagnose, actions and events that have influenced the structure and function of Florida environments. It encourages the reader to identify evidence of land and water use that has occurred in the past to better understand how these have influenced the health and function of ecosystems in the present.

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Dr. Robert Norman
Clinical Professor of Dermatology
Director–Center for Geriatric Dermatology, Integrative Dermatology and Neuro-Dermatology
8002 Gunn Hwy
Tampa, Florida 33626


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