Need a Fresh Start?


By Samantha Taylor, Samantha Taylor Fitness

As 2020 draws to a close and you prepare to bring in a new year, it is the perfect time to regroup and make a plan to get your life back on track. This year has been filled with uncertainties, but you can seize this time as an opportunity to make a fresh start whether that is taking charge of your health and fitness or even spiritually. These times have drawn some closer to God, but some have also found themselves distanced from Him.

As you write your story, you can bring your current chapter to a close and start to write a new chapter for your life so you can have a better story in the end. Now is the time to be thinking about the lessons learned this past year yet move forward without carrying the negativity with you. While we know that the new year will not erase the effects of the virus, nor will the virus suddenly end, you can make changes in your own life that can have a profound positive effect. I encourage you to choose 2021 as the year to renew your health and fitness!

Being healthy and physically fit can help you have a robust immune system, which will allow your body to better fight off disease. If you were to become ill, your health status also influences what side effects you may experience. Focusing on improving your health does not mean ignoring other preventative precautions of course, as we need to protect the vulnerable and high-risk populations. Focusing on your health can help you minimize your risks of serious illness. CDC data suggests the majority of people do recover from this virus and the majority of those that do experience severe illness had complicating pre-existing health issues.

Some of the best ways you can help your immune system are to make healthy food choices, keep your blood sugar under control, and shed some body fat. CDC data shows correlations between obesity, diabetes, and severe outcomes from this virus. You can take responsibility for your health and work towards improving your blood sugar numbers or your weight status. This is one of the biggest lessons of 2020, and now is the time to take your health seriously!

One good thing about our personal training studios is they are private studios where you can do one-on-one with a trainer or semi-private sessions with just a few of you—with social distancing, of course. If you would like a free body transformation analysis to see what type of programs can help you, we have the options of training in our private studios OR we have follow along workouts you can do by video OR you can train LIVE one-on-one with a trainer virtually. Go to to set up a free consultation and start off your New Year right.

If you don’t start off the new year with health and fitness in mind, you can quickly get very busy with life and keep telling yourself, that you are going to do it tomorrow. We all know that tomorrow never actually gets here because it is always today. Take action now!

Make a decision for your health and fitness that YOU are going to make a change for 2021 and start to take care of your body and health! We can’t wait to meet you! Happy New Year – 2021!


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