Kidz Corner: New Year’s Resolutions


Hi, my name is Harley. Today’s topic is New Year’s resolutions. So, I have some explaining/advice. You don’t need to wait until January to do stuff. You can start anytime. Plus, what are you going to do until resolution? I have an example. I think it was like May, or April, or June, when we wanted to grow avocados. We tried three with no real success. We tried again, and today we have like five avocado plants. So that was an example of trying new things whenever and having determination.

We also have many other plants with stories, but I can’t tell them all. Let’s go behind the scenes. I will demonstrate the life cycle of an avocado. Pit falls from tree, pit becomes sprout, sprout grows leaves, leaved sprout grows taller, tall leaved sprout stem turns brown, and it eventually becomes a tree. To grow your own, follow these steps:

Get a pit. Put three toothpicks in it. Fill cup halfway with water. Put pit in cup. Put cup someplace dark. When leaves sprout, put in sun and change water every week or so. Keep it in sun and you are done!

I like growing plants because it’s fun and they’re really pretty. If you take care of it. it’s gonna give you fruit in the future. Just like we need to root ourselves in the word of God, so we have a relationship with him.

We need a relationship with God to go to heaven. But just because you’re going to heaven doesn’t mean you still can’t grow. Why wait till New Year’s to do important things? The sooner, the better.

I also looked up how long it takes for the pit to provide avocados. Guess: couple months. Real life: five to ten years. Maybe I’ll have avocados on my eighteenth birthday! Things take time. Happy New Year! ❄️

Harley Isabel Smith

Matthew 19:14 Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.”


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