America’s Comeback


By Dave Meyer

Although many people are unaware of it, Satan has a plan for America. He wants us to forget our godly heritage and slowly erase our rich, biblical foundation.

We see the signs everywhere; God and prayer have been removed from schools and history books. God has been removed from our government except during times of emergency like September 11. Our Constitution has also been reinterpreted and re-written to change our Founders’ original intent. To take our moral temperature, all you have to do is turn on the television. Our society celebrates doing whatever they think is right, and sin is no longer called sin.

The good news is God also has a plan—and His plan is always greater. What is it?

God’s Four-Step Recovery Plan

In 2 Chronicles 7:14, the Lord says, “If My people, who are called by My name, shall humble themselves, pray, seek, crave, and require of necessity My face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven, forgive their sin, and heal their land.”

God gives us four specific things to do: humble, pray, seek, and turn. This is our part of the process. As we do these things, then God will do His part to hear, forgive, and heal.

But until we do our part, God will not do His part. The key word in this entire verse is “then.” It makes it clear that our part must be fulfilled before God’s part can be initiated.

Our part involves true humility and repentance. We can pray for restoration. However, restoration can’t come until there is revival. Revival can’t come until there is responsibility, responsibility can’t come until there is repentance, and repentance can’t come until we remember. We must remember who we are, where we come from, and why it’s important to be accountable for what God’s given us through our Founding Fathers. We must discover things like:

• How was our government formed?
• What price was paid for our liberty, and who paid it?
• What role did God play in the lives of our Founding Fathers?
• What responsibilities did our Founders give us?

The Bible says wisdom comes from two sources: The Word of God and life’s experiences (history).

If we choose to forget the past, then we lose the wisdom of the past—wisdom that came at a great price. If we forget, then history will inevitably repeat itself, and we’ll once again pay a tremendous price. God wants to use our nation as a beacon of light to shine brightly for Jesus Christ all around the world.

Revival or Rescue?

On May 7, millions in America observed the 65th Annual National Day of Prayer. It’s an incredible opportunity to come together and focus our eyes on the true Source of our help. However, as we pray, we have to be willing to do what God shows us.

I believe a lot of people simply want God to rescue this nation—to solve our problems without requiring any action on our part. However, revival for America includes taking responsibility to do what God shows us to help preserve what our forefathers obtained.

In 1787, as Benjamin Franklin exited the Constitutional Convention, a woman shouted from the crowd, “Sir, what have you given us?” Franklin famously responded, “A republic, ma’am, if you can keep it.”

What did he mean? A republic means “rule of law” (our Constitution). This form of government offers the very greatest liberties and freedom—but it also requires the most responsibility, moral virtue, and maintenance to keep it intact. America has gone from a strong, godly nation, ready to fight for our liberties and moral principles to one that’s complacent, allowing ungodliness to creep in little by little.

Evil doesn’t just happen overnight; it happens slowly over time as we fail to fulfill our responsibilities. Not doing what needs to be done in the face of evil encourages its existence and growth. Evil is only denied existence by wise action, and wise action is our responsibility!

As Christians, the choice is up to us. We can either stand up and fight or lay down entirely. But we can’t stay the same and expect the direction of our country to change.

Worth Fighting For

God is waiting for the body of Christ in America to become a courageous body—a group who will stand up and do what He is asking us to do. This is the true meaning of a “patriot.” It involves becoming educated about our past, then taking action for our future.

The Lord wants to use our nation, our resources, and our people to once again become a beacon of light to shine brightly for Jesus Christ all around the world.

On May 25, Memorial Day, we celebrated those who have allowed our light to shine in years past, an honor all of the servicemen and women who fought for this nation and made the ultimate sacrifice. Today, we continue the fight. However, it’s a battle against misinformation, passivity, and what I refer to as “historical amnesia.”

These battles are just as important as any we’ve ever fought. Our generation has the responsibility to protect the precious liberties that brave men and women have sacrificed to protect.

Friends, with your help, we can protect them—God has given us the plan. One by one, we can do our part to take a stand for America. As we are faithful to do what we can do, the Lord will be faithful to do what we can’t, and bring healing to our land. • (800) 727-9673 • The Future of America – Dave Meyer


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