Being Thankful


By Samantha Taylor, Samantha Taylor Fitness

This is a good month to take a moment and reflect on what we are truly grateful for. I know this has been an unbelievable year that has just left our heads spinning sometimes wondering what is going on. It became a regular thing that every time you turned around, something else was happening and people just threw up their hands and said, “Well, it’s 2020!”

But if we stop and think about the things that we are grateful and thankful for that even in the midst of trials and heartache, we can focus on the good that is still happening around us or to us.

Sometimes you have to force yourself to look for it when things seem so difficult, but I encourage you to take this month of November and really try to get your mind focused on what good you can see and what good things are happening. I encourage you even now to stop and think about three things that you are really grateful for.

I know everyone will come up with different things, but one thing most of us don’t think about as being grateful for is having our next breath—that is a gift. Being thankful for even having a heartbeat, that in itself is a gift. Life is so delicate and one moment can change to the next, drastically. We just lost a very dear friend and trainer to breast cancer and it’s been such a loss for our fitness family because she is such a dear soul that will be unbelievably missed. I am truly grateful to have been able to know her for five years.

Any women reading this, please make sure you get a mammogram for a screening for possible breast cancer. Catch it now in case something needs to be caught because many times, it’s treatable if it’s caught early enough. There are some places that will do them for only $50, even if you don’t have insurance.

Being thankful for your health, whatever level of health you have is another one to think about. I encourage you to still think about how you can take care of your health and fitness even the rest of this year. Don’t wait till January to start trying to change your life, starting now makes a difference.

So just remind yourself as each day passes the things that you are grateful and thankful for. One of the biggest things in this life I am grateful for is my relationship with God. That has been such a huge factor in comfort, hope and peace in such difficult times. This time of year is the time that many will seek out God.

There are so many people going through some tough times, perhaps invite someone to church. You never know, it may totally impact their lives. My husband and I’s lives were changed forever because someone invited us to church.

I am SO grateful for our amazing team and our wonderful clients who get healthy and fit with us. We all encourage you to take action on your health and make sure you are the healthiest you can possibly be, especially in these times.

I am also thankful for you who read this great paper. I have been in this paper now for over 20 years and it’s been a great blessing in a way to reach out to our communities to inspire you to be healthy and fit. Let’s finish 2020 strong, together!

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