Your 90-Day Challenge?


By Samantha Taylor, Samantha Taylor Fitness

I started a tradition about 10 years ago that every year 3 months before my birthday, I map out a plan for what I want to accomplish by the time my birthday arrives. I highly recommend doing this. It’s been such a refreshing way to have a new focus of getting myself to the next level in areas of my life.

If you have a birthday coming up, maybe consider putting together a plan, even if it’s not three months away…even do an eight week or a four week plan.

Setting short term goals like that can be very helpful for motivation. And instead of feeling frustrated that one is getting older and seeing their life decline (like many people tell me is how they feel), one would feel inspired to take your life to another level.

Because of the level of intensity and focus during that three months, I have stuck with many of the things that I set a goal for. One of those is sugar. For my 40th birthday 90 day plan, I set a goal to go off of sugar because I knew I was a sugar addict for over 30 years and I knew if I kept eating sugar as much as I did, that my chances of getting some medical complications because of it were very high.

My blood work already come back that I was prediabetic because of the amount of sugar I was consuming, I was having memory problems and having a hard time focusing. Plus, I was hungry all the time and I couldn’t stop eating it…I was highly addicted.

Some say you can’t be addicted to sugar. Well then, I would say that person has never been addicted to sugar nor studied the chemical properties and how it reacts in some people’s brain, very similar to a drug addiction. I knew after decades of studying nutrition and what sugar does to the body that I finally had to kick the habit. But I tried to get off sugar for over seven years with no lasting success.

However, when I finally set that goal for my 40th birthday six years ago, I was able to use that motivation and stuck with it and I still haven’t had sugar in six years! Trust me, I’m not bragging, it’s quite a miracle to me that I’ve gone that long and the best part is, I don’t miss it at all!

And I still have all kinds of delicious food that I eat. There’s so many options now it’s ridiculous. But the great thing is I don’t have all the ups and downs with the moodiness, the lack of focus, the weight gain, and the cravings that sugar used to bring. So if you struggle with sugar and would like some help with that, I can help you break that habit.

Think about for your next birthday, what goals would you like to accomplish in that 90-day plan? Do you want to work out? Do you want to drink more water? Do you want to lose a certain amount of weight? Do you want to quit smoking?

Everybody’s goals are personal, but if you can improve in your life every year instead of going backwards, then you can get better instead of worse. I’m in the middle of my 90-day plan now for my 46th birthday in October and I set a goal to train really heavy with weights again three times a week.

It’s been pretty awesome to have a plan and stick to it (yes, even during a pandemic) and not allow myself to make excuses for not getting it done. But if I don’t track it, I don’t get it done. I make sure to write down every time I work out. I find many times when we don’t work out, we make excuses for why everything else is more important and must get done instead of the work out.

So even if you don’t have a birthday coming up, we’ve got three months left in this year and then it’s 2021. Think about some goals you would like to accomplish over these next 90 days so that when 2021 hits, you’re already ahead of the game.

We can certainly help you with that so check out my website at for some motivation, and you can do a free body transformation analysis with us. I can’t wait to help you get focused on your goals so you can position yourself to start having success more easily than you would have expected. 🙂

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