How on Earth Did I Get Here?


By James H. Willis, III

For 2020, we are doing a 12-month summary of my book. It is filled with unbelievable personal stories of conflict from family fights, divorces, and personal insecurities to living in a tree at 15, homeless. Later, the book recounts how the Lord’s guidance put me on the path of an overcomer! From being unloved, unwanted, and uncared for to healthy, happy, and whole.

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It was 2 ½ years after Stephen “tricked” me to go to the movies. Thank God. I was at another HUGE fork in the road. I felt called to go college. Bible College, that is. This still, small voice got more constant and louder. It was like I had no other choice but to go. For most of you, it would have been no big deal, but for me it was the most improbable thing for me to ever do. You’ve got to be kidding, right?

I don’t like to tell people this, but I was a very poor student. I mean I literally just got rolled out of high school. It was like I was there and I tried so they gave me credit and kept passing me just to roll me through the system. Yes, it is very true!! I could not read. We will find out at college that I tested at a 5th grade level of reading with 50% comprehension. You all know I could not speak. I bartered a public speaking grade for working with the school wrestling team. I never spoke publicly, and now I was going to study the Bible and be a Bible teacher/preacher. I hadn’t even read it yet. No – I can’t. You’ve got the wrong guy. Yet he called me again and again.

Other than Chapter 5, this chapter is the most important one in my book. You are going to learn:

  • “I can’t …. But HE can!!”
  • How to overcome fear with faith
  • How to take insecurity and have the greatest security the rest of your life!!
  • And, this new relationship with God as “my Redeemer and Worthy Lamb”

Awesome, people!

Here we are going to study Holy Spirit. His purpose, powers, and presence in the believer. We are going to look at the “filling” of the believer and how every believer has it. The church and the world needs spirit-filled believers! We are going to show you the conditions to be filled, the result as well as the testing and trials of the Holy Spirit.

Listen, as a Christian, you’ve got to get this one!! Can you really sing, “I have decided to follow Jesus?”

Warning…Don’t read this book….
…unless you are looking for a Powerful Life in Christ!!!
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