Have You Lost Your Mojo During This Difficult Time in Life?


Samantha Taylor
Samantha Taylor Fitness

It seems like we find ourselves in this vortex of constant intensity that just doesn’t seem to stop! Just when we hope it’s going to slow down, it either gets worse or something completely different yet totally intense happens.

This country has never experienced a period of time like this, not only from the pandemic to the economy to the things happening in the cities. Just when one thing takes a breath, the next thing happens. There are times you just shrug your shoulders in disbelief that this much stuff can happen to a nation, to families, and to individuals in such a short amount of time. I know, we all feel it, but what do we do in these times?

The challenge for many during these stressful times has turned into the “quarantine 15” (or more) from emotional eating or too many “quarantinis” with alcohol. The stress from losing jobs, being around family much more than we are used to, let alone the isolation for some that live alone. But what we have to start doing is thinking about how we are going to pull ourselves out of this slump regardless of how things are still happening around us.

If you have been eating too much sugar, eating too much food in general, drinking too much, or not doing much exercise and those pants don’t fit anymore, when is it going to slow down? We can’t wait on the nation to get better quickly because unfortunately, we can all see that is not happening as fast as we hoped. We have to pick up ourselves from wherever we are and figure out how to make the best of the situation we are all in.

We can no longer let the circumstances dictate if we are going to gain another 15 lbs. during this next 3 months and have even a bigger mess to get ourselves out of. When life does start to normalize to some extent, what you don’t want is to have a lot more work to do with your health and fitness then you need to. Even if you haven’t done the best during these last 4 months, perhaps it’s time to pick it back up, figure out how to get your mojo back, and start to get back on track?

Start now because if you don’t, before you know it, summer is over, then the holidays are here and if we don’t start to get serious about our health, all of a sudden what some have gained as the “quarantine 15” quickly turns into 30 lbs. You have to start somewhere, and there is no better day then today, the minute you get inspired or challenged by an article like this.

What can you do right now to make an improvement in your health and fitness? Can you go for a walk? Can you drink a glass of water? Can you take 10 minutes and plan your food for the next day so you have some food to take with you?

Some people find they need someone to help get them get their mojo back, and that is why it can be a great reason to hire a personal trainer. We have private studios for women with 30-minute workouts. During this time, everyone has their own 6’ of space to work out in and use the same equipment so you don’t move around the room using other equipment others have used. Everything is sanitized before and after the workouts.

And having a trainer can motivate and inspire you to get it together and get back on track. Plus, we even have 3 follow along workouts a week that we record and post for our members just in case you can’t come in that week for any reason. If you are ready to pick up and start from where you are now, then give us a call or go to my website. Take action, for if you put it off, you may find yourself reading this article next month and no farther towards your goals. Talk to you soon!



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