Have you Lost your “Mojo” during this Difficult Time in Life?


It’s the last quarter of 2020. Woah, that is hard to admit! I know we all had such different plans for this year, we are still in shock. But here we are, as a community, as a “team” and it’s the last quarter of the year. Which means you still have a chance to turn this around in your life.

One thing that always amazed me about foot ball is that even if a team did really bad for the first 3 quarters and lost their mojo, if they huddled together and figured out how to get that FIGHT back within them and take it to the finish line, some teams would pull together and come back and win!

Even when it looked like all odds were against them, even if they were 2 scores down going into the 4th quarter when it looked like they were not going to win. BUT some teams, find a way to pull it together, get focused and take it to the finish line!

You have 4 months left in 2020. Make a DECISION that you are not going to be a victim of circumstance and no matter how bad it gets around you, YOU don’t have to go down with the ship. YOU can pull yourself together and find that FIGHT within you and say, “Enough is enough! I am still going to live my best life regardless of what is going on around me!”

Yes, you can still eat healthy in a pandemic. Yes, you can still workout. Yes, you can still take care of your health and come out of this thing actually healthier then when you went into it. If you haven’t been doing this already, its time to get back on track. It’s the last quarter. We have to huddle together and fire each other up that WE CAN DO THIS!

Don’t lie down and be the victim and let life run you over. Pick yourself up, dust yourself off and figure out the first thing you can do to make a better choice for your health. It takes a conscious decision to do this. Even moreso with intensity, during a pandemic. Even if you haven’t been doing well, you still have time to get yourself together these next 4 months, if you start now.

I know life is tough, I know its been the craziest year many of us have seen in our lives. I know its been more stressful at times, then we have been able to bear. But its been going on for 6 months now and unfortunately its not stopping right now.

There is something empowering about saying, “Enough is enough! I am not living like this anymore.” That is why we must make a decision to get back on track. If you don’t start now, when? When it’s over? You can’t wait for that to make healthy choices for yourself.

It’s even more now then ever before, that we need our health! It is documented on the CDC website, those that are healthier have a less chance of getting the virus and if you do, the symptoms tend to be less intense in most cases.

Make a decision for yourself that you are going to pull it together this last quarter. If you don’t to do it alone, we can help you. If you don’t get with us, get on some team that will help pull you up instead of feeling pushed down in life. If you want that to be us, we have got your back! Let’s do this! Fighting obesity and having healthy blood sugar is even more critical now then ever! These are some of the top two things you can do for your health that can help you during this intense time.

I encourage you, to find that fight within yourself. Give yourself the gift of feeling amazing and getting in shape during a difficult season in life. Ask God for help, pray for His strength. You will not only thank yourself now but later. And so will your family, for we don’t do this just for ourselves, we do this because we also care about the people around us.

Be strong and courageous! Joshua 1:9 www.SamanthaTaylorFitness.com


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