Five (Good) Reasons Why We Should Wear Masks


By Brittany Cravatta

At the start of 2020, no one would’ve guessed that any of us would be in these circumstances. But, God has a strange way of trying to show us how to look out for one another, stop being self-indulgent, and start caring more about the world around us.

Face masks have become a new staple in today’s society to help stop the spread of COVID-19. However, many questions regarding masks have risen by some people.

Will masks really stop the spread of COVID?

What if I have health risk issues such as asthma, and I can’t breathe?
What good will a small piece of cloth do from spreading a virus?

Turns out, wearing masks during this pandemic will do a lot more good than harm to our communities and humanity in general.

Here are five good reasons why we should wear masks:

1. Masks protect other people.

Since we’re so used to going about our everyday lives without masks, it’s very easy to not think about how many germs come out of our mouth by just talking to someone else. Researchers at Florida Atlantic University created a simulation that illustrates just how effective face coverings can be in reducing the number of droplets that are dispersed in the air through our nose and mouth.

2. You may not realize that you are contagious.

Some people who test positive may never show signs of symptoms. The Centers of Disease Control (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO) used to have a mandatory order for only those who tested positive to wear masks. Things changed when evidence showed that not all who test positive experience immediate symptoms. As a matter of fact, over 40% of people with coronavirus infections never develop, which makes it difficult to detect who is infected and who is not.

3. Masks can also protect YOU.

While you can wear a mask to protect others, you will also be able to protect yourself as well. A few studies suggest cloth face masks offer some protection for the wearer, but the protective perks are most obvious when everyone covers the mouth and nose. The Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation at the University of Washington predicts face masks could save as many as 34,000 lives in the next few months.

4. Masks may help the economy recover.

This entire process has to be thought of like a domino effect. If we all wear our masks, social distance and follow the CDC protocols, it raises the chances of reopening businesses, which in turn reopens the economy and can rebuild Florida’s economic boom and raises our chances of going back to work. Since the start of the pandemic in March, more than 44 million Americans have filed for unemployment. The widespread use of face masks, however, could significantly slow the growth rate of virus cases.

5. There are few alternatives.

Some businesses now make masks mandatory in order to even get service. Whether people agree or disagree with these rules, it is often for the safety and protection of their own employees. People have the right to choose not to wear a face covering, however many public and privately owned businesses may deny them entry or deny them service. To save yourself from any future inconvenience such as this, respect the rules and regulations given by a government or a business. All it takes is putting a simple cloth over one’s nose and mouth.

As the people of God, it is our job to take action and care about others around us. Everyone is suffering during this horrible time and as people it is important that we gain trust in each other and work together to fight this virus.

“This is my commandment, that you love one another as I have loved you.” – John 15:12


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