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By Brittany Cravatta

With COVID-19 on the rise all over the world, there are many in the Tampa Bay area in need of some health insurance advice. Don’t worry, Robert (Rob) Hohmann of Hohmann Health is here to help!

Rob started in the health advising industry in 2016 after he saw some negative effects that many people experienced from the Affordable Care Act. Before he became a Health Advising agent, he worked with his wife in a private ink manufacturing company. Today, he feels a strong passion for helping others to find the right health needs and providing them the right plans for their financial health costs.

As an agent, Rob prides himself on providing the right education and advice for his clients, and allowing them to make their own choices based on the information that he gives, rather than telling them what to do. He takes his clients’ trust very seriously.

“My goal is to empower people with the confidence in choosing the right plan that fits their needs and their budget.” said Hohmann. “If someone confides in me to be their agent, I’m going to be dedicated to you and your family’s well being going forward.”

During the COVID-19 Pandemic, Hohmann emphasized that having insurance has become a lot more important now that there is such a threat in the world.

“If someone is diagnosed with COVID-19, one of my carriers is willing to waive premiums, increase prescription benefits, and increase inpatient benefits for the patient to entertain the idea of signing up with them.” added Hohmann.

Rob hails from Chicago, Illinois and moved down to Florida in 1999, where he met his current wife, Carmel. Both came from approximately the same area in Chicago and had much in common with each other that Rob thoroughly believes that it was fate that brought the two of them together. On October 13, 2020, they will be celebrating 19 years of marriage!

If you are in need for Robert’s services, please call him at (813) 943-9683. He is located at 22128 Red Jacket Ln, Land O’ Lakes, Florida, 34639.


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