How On Earth Did I Get Here?


James H. Willis, III

For 2020, we are doing a 12-month summary of my book. It is filled with unbelievable personal stories of conflict from family fights, divorces, and personal insecurities to living in a tree at 15, homeless. Later, the book recounts how the Lord’s guidance put me on the path of an overcomer! From being unloved, unwanted, and uncared for to healthy, happy, and whole.

The story continues with me in tenth grade, living in a tree and managing to keep myself in school. Then I found myself in a public speaking class and the day came for my first speech. By this time, I wasn’t really afraid of anything, but I was shocked by what happened. You’ll need to read the book to see how I got a “C”.

Transportation was always a challenge. I went to school and work on my bike, Then, finally, I was close to turning sixteen and would be able to drive. You can’t believe how I convinced Mom to let me use her VW Beetle and got her to come with me for the test and to buy a car.

I had the money, but I had to take a parent since I was under 21. An hour later, I pulled out $400 to buy a 1962 white Impala with a red interior and drove off.

There was an apartment/hotel close to my work, and I went to rent a place. The owner laughed and asked, “Hey kid, where’s your parents?” I said, “I’m homeless, alone, and living in a tree. I really need a place to live.” He let me in, but only for a couple of months. Then, the mother of a friend offered to rent me a room and finally I lived in a house and had a bed.

Even with all the fighting at home, racial riots at school, and all my crazy living conditions – I did it. I graduated, but my heart was heavy and empty. I filled it with a huge party lifestyle, and this cost me – big. On graduation day, I partied with a big group. I was happy to be with friends, thrilled to be out of school and totally plastered. I wasn’t paying attention and I ran a red light. The consequences were explosive.

These articles contain an abbreviated version of my stories

The stories will continue next month!!!

Warning…Don’t read this book….
…if you want your life to stay the same!

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