Why My Business Looks Like It Does


James H. Willis, III
Founder and President
The Willis Agency, Inc.
1 Peter 5:7

It has been 31 years in the business of Retirement Planning, and I know I act different from many other Financial Planners, if you please. I’ve known why most of my entire career, and it is obvious that it is perhaps unique. Now, I never really thought of it as odd because I know what I am doing and why, but as I look around, I have found it unique and very personal…. Okay, here we go.

Why Does My Business Look Like It Does (5 Reasons)?
1st My Family – I would like to say there some major awesome point here, ha, ha, but there is not really. When my very energetic 3 kids were 4, 6, and 8, they were a handful! So, one August day in 1988, I told them, “Okay, you all have so much energy you are going to play sports. You two boys are going to play football, and you little girl are going to be a cheerleader, and you all are going to do it whether you like it or not!” As a parent, I did several things I didn’t think through. All the games were on Saturdays!!! I worked in retail clothing for 12 years, weekends!! I was going to miss all the games. I couldn’t handle that, so I changed my career.

2nd My Faith – I went from being a Bi-Vocational Pastor to full-time work over night. Yes, it was because of their sports, but it was also because we were poor, low income. I didn’t even have the 3 x $25 for registration fees for football and cheerleading. But, we did it. I also went from two salaries to 100% commission, no base pay, nothing!!! We were broke every Monday, and I had to make money every Friday, PERIOD.

I was in the ministry working at churches as an Associate Pastor & Youth Pastor, and when I went to full-time work, it really bothered my spirit. But I had an amazing encounter with God one day about “Am I doing the work of a minister? Was I sharing about the Lord? YES. Was I praying with the hurting? YES. Was I giving to the needy? YES.” Hmmmm…. Then, a verse became real to me from years ago. “And whatsoever you do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God and the Father by him.” I have been content ever since then.

3rd My Finances – I did work hard, but I also believed God would work, and boy did He! Praise God from whom all blessings flow. He/we didn’t miss one week, and it continued for months, years and decades. Wow, more people should try trusting God, it is awesome to be in the middle of it all. I am not broke on Mondays anymore. The business of helping others with their retirement has been a blessing. I have even been able to practice what I preach for my own retirement planning. Way back when, I don’t even think it was a dream.

4th Your Future – I love helping people! I have learned how to do things most people do not know how to do. Maybe it was upbringing or lack thereof, or maybe it was simply my need for survival, but I learned and understood money at a very young age. I have since come to understand federal programs and financial principals to help my customers safely achieve their dreams throughout their retirement years. I have even helped 2nd and 3rd generation customers by now. To me, it is fun to put the pieces of the puzzle together.

5th My Philosophies – As crazy and daring as I am personally, I am naturally very conservative with money, I am also not a very good guesser of investments, I myself have done several and most have been at best poor and you do not want that from me. So, I have purposely picked a safe and guaranteed savings and income vehicle. No one is going to call me on Monday saying, “What happened to all of my money?” Actually, NO one has ever lost a dime in 31 years! I have been successful simply because most stockbrokers and financial planners do not recognize that some people do not like risk anymore. Also, many people should not have 80% – 90%, (all their money) at risk! Financial Principle 101 says, “Have your money match your age.” Example, if you are 65 years old, then 65% of your assets should be Safe, then invest the rest where you want, but establish that safety net and foundation through retirement. It is a must! Things do happen!

And finally, I honestly do….
Care for you and yours,


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