Train Up: I’m a Little Ramsey. I’m a Little Keller


Denice McClure

It’s January: the time of year we make resolutions. I want to move you from the resolution notion to setting goals.

“A goal needs to be a big, fat, hairy, scary, measurable goal, not something you can easily check off like a ‘To Do List’.” according to Dave Ramsey. Ramsey loves to introduce interesting people to his radio audience to help his listeners grow.

On one show, he talked about Gary Keller, who is the founder of Keller Williams Realty, which is the largest real estate brokerage firm in America.

People wanted to know how Gary grew his business to over 100,000 agents, so he shared how he focused on ONE THING while he kept the other six balls (each ball has a label: his spiritual life, his health, his key relationships, his personal life, his business, and his finances) in the air.

Time passed. I forgot about the book I was so excited to hear about because I am a PENNY CHASER.

A few weeks later, my business coach recommended I read it. The ONE THING is now my all-time favorite book that I highly recommend to everyone wanting to move from resolutions to a life revolution.

Blowing up what doesn’t work out and rising up to crush the obstacles that get in the way for making your life the life you have envisioned for yourself, family, and friends. Thank goodness for my business coaches! I hope you read the entire book after watching this enticing link:

We are exhausted 24/7 jugglers seeking attainment for balance and stability in life. Gary argues that there is no such thing as balance and multitasking. His point is to get rid of these concepts and a few others from our mindsets and show how we can switch from juggling to filling buckets so that the water overfills, meaning we not only achieve our goals but we can share the success path so other can benefit from our efforts, too.

Now let’s apply a little Ramsey and a little Keller to the concept of a Vision Board. That’s a big burrito to roll up, but if you are becoming an avid reader because READERS ARE LEADERS, you begin to understand how all these books can be tied together.

The Vision Board is not a new concept, but how we do it is because it incorporates these 26 leadership lessons I am sharing with you in these articles, with Keller’s 7 buckets to fill and Ramsey’s favorite Proverb 6:4, which he shortened to a phrase called Gazelle Intensity and his idea that goals should be scary, hairy, measurable, and action-driven.

Lastly, the idea of vision is switched from dreams of magazine desires to the vision of a business, which we covered a few months ago. Sounds like one crazy concept, right?

That’s okay, because crazy is good in business. Here is how good it is: When you are competing with yourself to offer something better today than yesterday, people doing a similar thing will copy your ideas.

I absolutely love seeing another yoga studio or art studio copy my ideas via social media. It’s called trailblazing.

If you want to come to Kids Vision Board Training or Adult Vision Board Training in January at Art Slingers this month, we would love to be a part of making 2020 the year that you overflow all of your buckets with gazelle intensity!

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