Kidz Corner: Christmas Presentation


Hi! My name is Harley and I am seven years old.

This December I was in a Christmas presentation at Idlewild. The presentation was awesome! We acted as a family and we were in the first scene, which was a scene of a kid getting stuck to a pole. Me and my family walked past the stage like we were shopping. A lot of other people were in the shopping scene.

In the scene I was supposed to act like a French person. I wore this big blue jacket, a beautiful dress, and this hat that made me sweaty and itchy and way uncomfortable.

First we went to the prop room and got our props, then we took our props and went backstage, and then we went front stage in the shopping scene.

Me, my mom, and my dad acted as a family, but another girl named Faith was to be my sister temporarily. My nickname for her was Prop. Faith—or Prop, as I called her—was in ninth grade. I called her Prop because she held my hand and she was my prop. Props are things you use in a play to make it look more realistic. A camera or a flag pole can be a prop. Faith is kind of like a prop because we used each other. Faith is not actually a prop, she is a human, but you know what I mean.

Me and my family did the presentation last year, and we also did it this year because we enjoyed it.

The Idlewild Christmas Reel to Real presentation isn’t just a presentation. It is an opportunity for people to hear about the gospel. Our hope is that the people who hear the gospel accept Jesus. Then they can tell others about Jesus!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

Harley Isabel Smith is a 1st grader who has been featured on TV as a philanthropist, has a heart for evangelism, and writes monthly for the Gazette’s Kid’s Corner.

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