The Sovereignties, Powers, & Armies of Evil


David Cravatta,
Wells Fargo, Associate VP, Investments

“How did you come to be thrown from the Heavens, Daystar Son of Dawn? You who thought ‘I will climb to the Heavens higher than the Stars, I will set my throne above the Most High, I will sit on the Mount of Assembly, I will ascend above the thunderclouds, I will rival God Himself…!’” (Isaiah 14: 12-15).

Good and evil have been endlessly intertwined going back to the fall of man on that horrible and fateful day when Eve said “yes” to the Tempter. However, over the past few centuries and especially the last fifty years, it has been outwardly obvious, at least to me, wickedness has not only been openly apparent but widely accepted in this world and even as part of America’s culture.

The fact that Satan has been and continues to be straightforward with his intentions should be of no surprise to us. Yet when the topic of Satan, evil, and its origins are brought up, the discussion quickly ends. In fact, if you ever want to stop a conversation just bring up the subject of Satan and the chaos he brings. That said, I have come to the conclusion many are afraid or uncomfortable engaging this subject. Thus, if you’re uncomfortable with this, stop reading right now.

I’m a question-box…to the point of being annoying; always have been. I am curious to know and understand things as much as humanly possible. It’s also a large part of my profession. What I understand and fully accept through God’s word is He created all reality outside of Himself from time to titanium…from space to stem cells…with no wiggle room: “…all things were made through Him and without Him was not anything made that was made…” (John 1:13)

In that, God created His hierarchy of Heaven comprising nine Orders of Angels with spheres of ranking authority with the most powerful and heavenly found in the first sphere: Seraphim, aka “the burning ones” tending on God’s throne with endless praises to God and spectacular majestic magnificence. Cherubim, the guardians of His throne and terrifying to behold (Lucifer was of this order).

Thrones are a class of angels (mentioned by Paul in Colossians 1:16) of humility, peace, and submission. Dominions are the angels that keep the world in order delivering God’s justice. Virtues, aka “the shining ones” are the class of angels that control the elements. Powers, the Warriors, defenders from evil. Principalities have the command over the lower angels and direct the fulfillment of divine orders. Archangels, the great heralds of the Good News, deliverers of God’s word.

When Lucifer fell, it is said he took an army of 2,400 rebellious legions with him comprising of nine infernal princes commanding 6,660,000 demons. Did I understand this correctly? Six point six million hereditary enemies of God? Of this number there are nine infernal princes that are determined to destroy mankind. They are the following: Abbadon, aka “the destroyer”…the fallen angel of death guarding Hell’s bottomless pit who inspires anarchy and chaos (Rev. 9: 1-4); Baal the patron demon of idleness who the Canaanites worshipped by sacrificing their children by burning them for offering (1 Kings). Beelzebub represents envy aka the prince of death and Lucifer’s closest companion as a fellow Cherubim. Belial the great demon of arrogance, lies and deceit.

He was a prince of the Order of Virtues created directly after Lucifer and is understood to be a great orator tempting humans to disloyalty and rebellion completely separate from God (2 Corinthians 6: 15). Mammon, once adorned as the prince of Thrones, fell as the great tempter and now is the demon of avarice and greed, tempting men to covet their belongings. Belphegor, the “party” demon of gluttony and indulgence, once a prince of the Order of Virtues. Asmodeus, the demon of lust, luxury, pleasure, and sensuality. Leviathan represents envy and jealously; a gargantuan demon-of the sea (Is. 27: 1). Satan, aka the adversary, a Seraphim of the highest order representing pride and wrath. He comes as an angel of light who brought Job to his knees in torment and tempted Eve in Eden.

In the book of Ephesians, Paul told us of the spiritual war that has been waged against you and I, warning that our fight in this world is not against human enemies but rather the Sovereignties and Powers who originate the darkness and their spiritual armies of evil (Eph. 6-14). He emphasizes even the strongest man must stand his ground with God’s armor buckled around his waist less no one can resist when we encounter the Powers of this world.

If anyone doubts the existence of these infernal names, all one needs to do is glance at the daily Drudge Report to confirm the chaos globally and that Christ is the only hope and salvation. “…that at the name of Jesus, every knee shall bow, from those in Heaven, on Earth those under the Earth…” (Phil. 2: 10-11).

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