Throne Room Realities


Dr. Doug Wingate, Ph.D.
Life Christian University

As a Christian leader, I always desire to bring the most life transforming information from the Word of God to the attention of other Christians that are hungry for truth. As the President of a ministry university, it is incumbent upon me to train leaders to follow into the greatest depths of understanding that I can possibly lead them.

I am currently ¾ of the way through teaching a new course for our advanced students, which is based on the concept of the realities of being a new creation in Christ. (2 Cor. 5:17) We are studying some scriptures from the Mirror Bible that make the course like “new creation realities” on steroids. We have now named the course, “Throne Room Realities.”

I would like to pass on a few nuggets here that have the potential of a great impact on your life if you gain illumination of the truth contained in them.

First, we have to understand that before the beginning of time, God was present in eternity past as a triune spirit known as Elohim. This is a Hebrew word for God that is in the plural form. God existed as God the Father, God the Word, and God the Holy Spirit. The Father desired to have a family that he would be enraptured with for all eternity. The holy angels that He created did not satisfy His need of fellowship.

He decided to create a man in His own image as male and female so that they could be fruitful and multiply. However, He needed a physical universe to place them in, and a planet for them to begin on, so the Father, spoke through the Word and the Holy Spirit moved and created the heavens and the earth.

The next thing that we need to know is that man was the very first desire and thought that God had, which caused Him to create the universe. Anyone who knows the stories of Genesis knows that the first man, Adam, failed God through disobedience. God had given man the faculty to choose, and Adam chose poorly, but God had a plan in mind from the very beginning, which was for a last Adam to come and reverse the curse that was brought through the first Adam.

The last Adam was the second person of the Godhead, the Word, who volunteered to come to the Earth, take on human flesh, and live a perfect life as both the Son of God and the Son of Man. Jesus was the Son of God because he was the product of the Holy Spirit materializing flesh to place in the ovum of a human mother, Mary of Nazareth. But he was also the Son of Man at the same time, because Mary, a human woman was His mother.

Going to the Mirror Bible, we find these truths from John 1:1,2. “To go back to the beginning, is to find the Word already present there; face to face with God. The Word is I am; God’s eloquence echoes and concludes in Him. The Word equals God. The beginning mirrors the Word face to face with God.”

The Word has always voiced the mind of the Father, empowering the Holy Spirit to make things so, just as imagined by the Father. John 1:3 tells us, “The Logos is the source; everything commences in Him. He remains the exclusive Parent reference to their existence. There is nothing original, except the Word! The Logic of God defines the only possible place where mankind can trace their origin.”

Jesus came to the Earth to be the incarnate voice of the likeness and image of God in human form. John 1:14 says, “Suddenly the invisible, eternal Word takes on visible from- the Incarnation, on display in a flesh and blood Person, as in a mirror! In Him, and now confirmed in us! The most accurate tangible exhibit of God’s eternal thought finds expression in human life! The Word became a human being; we are now His address; He resides in us! He captivates our gaze. The glory we see there is not a religious replica; He is the authentic begotten Son. The glory (that was lost in Adam) returns in fullness! Only grace can communicate truth in such complete context!”

Going back to verse 13 of John 1 gives us this insight. “These are the ones who discover their genesis in God, beyond their natural conception! This is not about our blood lineage or whether we were a wanted-or unwanted-child; this is about our God-begotteness. We are His dream come true and not the invention of our parents. You are indeed the greatest idea that God has ever had.”

James, the half-brother of Jesus because his parents were Mary and Joseph, had this insight in James 1:18. “We did not begin in our mother’s womb! It was God’s delightful resolve to give birth to us; we were conceived by the word of Truth. The incarnation reveals the logic of mankind’s origin.”

Now take a look into the truth of 2 Cor. 5:17, concerning all of us who are born-again Christians. “Now, in the light of your co-inclusion in His death and resurrection, whoever you thought you were before, in Christ you are a brand new person! The old ways of seeing yourself and everyone else are over. Acquaint yourself with the new.”

Now our view needs to be with God’s perspective of how He sees us. The Apostle Paul has this insight in Col. 3:1, “See yourselves co-raised with Christ. Now ponder with persuasion the consequence of your co-inclusion in Him. Relocate yourselves mentally! Engage your thoughts with throne room realities where you are co-seated with Christ in the executive authority of God’s right hand.”

We have spent three weeks of deep study thus far in this course. Already we are seeing strongholds broken in the lives of the listeners. Enlightenment brings great joy, which destroys depression, and faith rises up automatically.

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