Kidz Corner: Oasis Volunteering

Hi. My name is Harley, and I recently volunteered at Oasis Pregnancy Center. I helped and packed diapers for the infants and they said I was a huge help. It’s a ministry to help other babies and mommies. The mommies go to the special classes to learn how to take care of their babies, and then they get points to go shopping in the Baby Boutique room. The things that are in the baby boutique room can include different sizes of diapers, clothing, toys, and other items.

And the reason they do this is so the babies can grow up and become people who tell people about Jesus and then those people tell other people about Jesus and they tell other people and everybody goes to heaven. And even Jesus said be like the little children of the world for you will be rewarded. You can help too. You could probably help with things like packing diapers and whatever they would like you to do so they can keep helping others. You can also donate money at

The people there are pretty nice. They make everybody feel welcome. They give free sonograms. A sonogram is the image produced by the ultrasound of a baby in the mommy’s belly. It is a big deal because that mommy may not know that there is a baby in her belly. Children are a gift from God and they are a privilege to have.

Harley Isabel Smith is a 1st grader who has been featured on TV as a philanthropist, has a heart for evangelism, and writes monthly for the Gazette’s Kid’s Corner.

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