Florida Power Yoga – A Fitness Plan for Total Health


By Karen McBride

Denice McClure first tried yoga 15 years ago. The busy mom worked out daily at her local YMCA at 5am before work, came home, cooked dinner, took the kids to baseball all while running a bed and breakfast in a historic mansion. One evening a guest invited her to a yoga class. She laughed before asking when she would squeeze that into her life.

“My first class was a horrific experience. It was hot, I didn’t know what I was doing, I had the wrong kind of mat and clothes, yet I could not wait to do it again. I was hooked. It’s funny, but life became so much easier. I had more time because I wasn’t rushing around anymore nor was I exhausted. I felt alive and great!” said Denice.

She retired at 38, spent three years benchmarking the fitness and yoga industry to find out what people liked and didn’t like, and Florida Power Yoga was born on February 20, 2013. Today it is the largest yoga studio in the Tampa and surrounding area with over 2,500 people attending classes. She calls her style American Yoga. It’s yoga free of its Eastern culture and religious influences in an environment where everything from floor to heating choice is world class.

“Our clients come here 7 days a week, which is unusual for a fitness program. The reason for our high retention rate is that we aren’t focused on weight loss. In fact, most of us don’t have scales. We are focused on moving to feel great and we have a lot of fun together,” said Denice.

On Saturdays from 9:30-10:15am, they host a free beginner’s workshop for 6 adults. Silver Toz is for the 65 and over crowd and is offered on Mondays at 9:15am.

Another unique service offered is a new company launched by Maria Gross and Denice called “Art Slingers”. At Art Slingers, they use historical artists to teach kids about leadership by selecting one artist each month and developing 6 projects for the children to do. The cost is $25/child/session for the general public and $15/child/session for Florida Power Yoga members.

Upcoming Events
October 6 – Parents Night Out-Kids Night at Art Slingers from 6:30-10pm
October 11 – Destination FPY at Tiki Cove: Beginner’s Yoga class at 5:30pm, a Slow Power in the Sand at 6:30pm and with an Art Slingers class following
November 16 – Hula & Mai Tais Art for parents and Moana Art & Hula for kids for $25 a person
November 16 – kicks off their 4 Week Learn to Hula Series for $99

Florida Power Yoga is located at Wilderness Plaza, 7016 Land O’ Lakes Boulevard, Land O’ Lakes, FL 34638. For more information, call Denice at 813-431-8033 or visit https://www.floridapoweryoga.com and https://www.artslingers.com.


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