Train Up: Be A Jedi They Never Stop Learning


Denice McClure

No matter your age, the time to stop learning is NEVER! Your awesome future depends on you continuing to educate yourself. Want to be an Entrepreneur?

You can do this at any age by learning from people who have turned their ideas into successful businesses. Entrepreneurship starts the minute you start putting your ideas on paper. Your ideas need to excite you!

Let’s learn how Jeanine McLeod created Tampa’s Premier Children’s Photography Studio. When young, she loved learning about anything, storytelling and old photos. She loved telling stories about the people in the photo. Fast forward to adulthood. She became a Mechanical Engineering. It quenched her love for learning how things worked. She traveled all over the world learning how things worked in other countries too. Yet she always had this feeling she wasn’t doing what she was purposed to do.

She began thinking about her childhood idea of combining photography and storytelling. She started taking photography classes at night and praying for guidance hoping to suppress wanting to leave her career at a Fortune 100 company. But she found that her education was a HUGE ASSET as it allowed her to learn rapidly how to capture personality on film. Then a big fun change happened in her life, Erin was born. She wanted to remember everything about her baby using her camera.

Then it happened. She knew what she was created to be! She wanted to capture a child ’s personality on film from baby to graduation for parents everywhere as a way of preserving their child’s history. She made the scary jumped that holds most people back due to fear. She went from engineer to the storytelling photographer.

I asked her how she knew she was ready. She said the verse Luke 12:25 was her guide. “Once I knew it was the path God was sending me on, who was I to doubt or worry?”

Today, her photos of children have graced the covers of local and national magazines. Her book Don’t Blink was an Amazon bestseller and a “Must Read” for soon-to-be parents. She continuously is focused on learning new ways to capture moments for parents. Jeanine is the Jedi of Never Stop Learning, a characteristic of every successful entrepreneur.

Go to her website at Can you see how much she loves what she does? Then answer “What does Never Stop Learning” Mean to You? Mail your response, name, and age to Florida Power Yoga at 7016 Land O’ Lakes Blvd., Suite 101 Land O’Lakes, FL 34638. We’ll select four young people for lunch at Blaze Pizza then meet Jeanine at Cloud 9 Studios to have her autograph a copy of her book for you to keep.

TRAIN UP is a series of stories told in an attempt to bring Proverbs 22:6 to life for young people that have an entrepreneurial spirit.

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