Samantha Taylor Fitness Another Successful 6 Week Challenge!


By Karen McBride

Samantha Taylor Fitness has been helping women change their lives with guidance on proper nutrition and fun-fueled workouts.

Slight changes in what you eat can make lasting changes in your health. Weekly webinars, monthly seminars, and instructional courses on meal preparation help members to take the first step to eating healthier. In addition to losing weight, members have said they are more energetic and have seen improvements in their overall health, including drastic reductions in their sugar levels.

Members can choose from personal training, which offers a more private, customized training (either one-on-one, semi-private, or small group) or participate in a fitness boot camp led by personal trainers. The boot camp offers a faster-paced, more intense large group workout.

The 6-Week Challenge helps members to focus on short-term, attainable goals. The most recent challenge included women who lost a total of 1,471 pounds. This was the 15th time Samantha has done this 6-Week Challenge and is the most successful one yet! After the challenge was completed, a celebration was held for the participants. Family members and friends were invited as a way of saying “thank you” for their support and encouragement.

A successful fitness plan requires support both in the gym and at home.

Karen Dyrli, winner of the Dunndeal Gazette contest for a free month at Samantha Taylor Fitness, had this to say about her experience:

“I thoroughly enjoyed the month of June that I won from Dunndeal for the Samantha Taylor fitness center on Gunn Highway in Tampa. It was located less than 5 miles from my job, and it was very convenient for me to attend. After receiving the happy call on Friday, May 31st, I met with Mary on Monday, June 3rd. Samantha had suggested that I take the semi-private classes, which was a great idea.” The trainers were amazing and accommodating, explaining the moves to her and customizing the workout for her. “I felt muscles that had not worked out in years – and really began to stand straighter. The 30 minutes was over before you knew it! I actually lost 10 pounds!”

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