Mr. Electric – Your Safety Comes First


By Karen McBride

Melissa Thomas is the owner of the Mr. Electric Land O’ Lakes franchise. As a woman in a predominantly male industry, she chose Mr. Electric for its high safety standards and reputation for “doing the right thing for the right reason.”

When a technician is dispatched to a home, an email is sent to the customer with the technician’s biography and photograph. In this way, the customer knows exactly who is coming into their home.

“We care about that first interaction, and we want our customers to feel safe,” says Melissa.

Mr. Electric offers residential and commercial repair and installation. Home safety inspections are important for both the customer and the technician. Thorough inspections can reveal potential hazards within the home. Once the repair has been made, routine preventative maintenance can keep the customer’s home safe and running efficiently.

Mr. Electric is now a distributor of LED lighting. LED lights last longer and use less energy. They also produce less heat from the actual bulb, which can save on air conditioning bills. See how much you could save with LED lighting at

Smart Homes are becoming more popular, and Mr. Electric can help with the installation of USB wi-fi outlets, smart lighting controls for Alexa and Google Home Hub devices, and Ring Video doorbells.

To protect your electronic equipment, invest in a home surge protection system. When we think of power surges, we often think of lightning storms. However, surges can happen at any time. Large appliances turning on/off, faulty wiring, overloaded circuits, as well as external sources, such as construction in the area and utility power grid switching can cause power surges that can damage your electronic equipment. Mr. Electric can help you decide the best solution for your home. For additional ways to increase the safety in your home, Mr. Electric can install motion sensors, landscape lighting, and carbon monoxide and smoke detectors.

Mr. Electric is proud to be part of the Neighborly Group. The free website allows customers to put in information about their home (i.e., the year it was built and square footage) and it will send a reminder when it time to change the air conditioning filter, drain the water heater, and other routine maintenance to keep the home running well. The repair companies are all licensed, insured, and certified and have the same code of ethics. Go to

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