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One thing that amazes me is how much the body can change when someone is fed up with where they are and decides to do something about it. We recently had our semi-annual Membership Appreciation Party, and these are just the members that were at the event that had lost weight with us and had not already received an award at a previous party. So the weight lost of just these women in this photo totaled 1,006 lbs.! Great job, ladies!

At the party, we treated our members like movie stars because we are so proud of them. We celebrated the evening with a packed house of 220 people and showcased their results with custom engraved Crystal awards, enjoyed an evening with delicious, fancy catered food including delicious healthy desserts, a special guest piano player as well as singer and finished out the evening with a professional photo shoot. Wow, what an evening, it was a blast!

I smile when I think about this because the top weight loss person in this photo has lost 115 lbs. She has been working so hard at this! Some women have such a hard time investing in themselves and believing they can accomplish great results with their body. Sometimes they just need a little encouragement and look what happens!

Another member in this photo has lost 63 lbs. and she is almost age 67 and has kept it off for 3 years! She is living life and loving her retirement instead of feeling miserable (which is how she felt when I met her). We even went ziplining together last month. Yes, at age 67, when you are healthy and fit, you can do all kinds of things! She is the one in the second photo, showing off her new tone arms!

If you want to be inspired to get fit for the summer, we have a few special events going on, including a free seminar July 13th and we have our famous World Tasting Tour on July 19th. See my events webpage at

Happy 4th of July and thank you to all who serve or served our country and fight for our freedom. We would not have our freedom if it wasn’t for you! We also give 10% off to any former or active military. Thank you!


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