What Does It Take to Change?

Samantha Taylor
Samantha Taylor Fitness

Many people have to reach a place where they are so uncomfortable with the pain of staying there, that it outweighs the fear of changing. And they say, “I just can’t be like this anymore.” The good thing about reaching that point is that you are more likely do something about it. Often when someone doesn’t have enough pain or discomfort, then it doesn’t motivate them to take action.

The most common things women tell me when they finally get the courage to call is, “I saw a picture of myself and I couldn’t believe my body has turned into this.” Or “Someone asked me when my baby was due and I am not pregnant!” Or “I feel like I am 20 years older than I am and I am starting to look like my mother who is not healthy or in shape.” Or “I am the heaviest weight I have ever been and every time I step on the scale I tell myself that is the heaviest I will let myself get, until the next time.” Or “I kept telling myself I can do this on my own but it’s not happening.”

Usually when someone reaches these places, they realize that if they don’t do something now, they might be in big trouble later with their health. They start to get really concerned about the next 10 to 20 years of their life and some can’t think that far in advance and can only think about being concerned with the next 3 months.

I heard a statement over 20 years ago that really impacted my life which was, “You will never change what you tolerate.” That is so true! If you accept it in your life, you won’t change it. But if you say, “Enough is enough, I am not going to be like this anymore,” then possibly you will muster up enough courage to do something about it. If you don’t, very quickly one more month turns into another year then all of a sudden another decade. Then we wake up 20 years older, looking ourselves back in the mirror with regret because we didn’t take care of our bodies.

I encourage you to do something about it now. Don’t wait. Don’t let it get to a point where you are forced to get serious because you are facing some serious medical condition. You can be proactive with your health and take action. I know it can be a little scary and some feel nervous to make those decisions but you have to start somewhere. Sometimes it’s making the phone call or going on the website that can be the most difficult part.

My personal training studios for women are set up to help you learn how to eat healthier in a way you love with a licensed nutritionist, get rid of food cravings, and experience a new healthy relationship with food. And to get your body moving again to get a toned, fit body. We can help you, if you give us the chance in any of our 5 locations.

Take that first step, just call us or go on the website and book a Body Transformation Analysis. This could be the next step you need to turn your life into a happier, healthier one where you feel great and can look in the mirror again and love what you see!



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