Kids’ Corner: One Child Helping One More Child

Hi, my name is Harley and I recently helped with One More Child and I recently just packed some bags for One More Child and then a couple days later I dropped them off at the school in Sulfur Springs it goes from first grade and to eighth grade. There is also a backpack program and it’s already in the newspaper and I’m going to do it in this article. And also my friend’s dad works with One More Child his name is Philip Whitten and he is the father of Hailey Whitten. So I saw them.

And the first people in line gave around grocery bags and then I put into macaroni and cheese my mom put in one Cheerios and so on you know. Then I helped wash and dry the bins and it seemed like there were 30 or 40 bins and then on Friday me and my dad helped put them in the backpacks and I ran back-and-forth between the first, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, and eighth graders because they don’t have food on the weekend and I just love to help others and even on the news my title was a philanthropist.

And when we were dropping off the bags I gave some of the kids a high five. Some of the kids opened their backpacks so we could just drop their bags in. They are probably full by now.
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