Water, the Gift of Life—Enjoy it!

By Erik Groenendijk

Water is essential to all life on Earth. Our bodies contain about 60% water for adults and 75% water in infants. In essence, we “are” mostly water. The quality of our water affects our quality of life. It affects our health, taste, skin, and overall enjoyment.

When I moved to Florida in 1993, the first thing I noticed was that the water smelled and tasted terrible—this was not the water I was used to. So we drank from the fridge or “reverse osmosis” system. We had dry skin but we just accepted that as the price to pay for living in a warm climate—how totally wrong we were!

After trying multiple systems at my own house over the years, I finally figured it all out. The water tastes great, feels great, and our skin feels soft. This is what water should be!

We specialize in smarter, affordable solutions for well water treatment and whole house water treatment. We listen to our customers and customize to their needs and wishes. We take pride in our work and achieving 100% customer satisfaction.

Give us a call at 813-929-8149 to find out how we can help you or visit us at www.smarterwatersolutions.com. Water is the gift of life—enjoy it!


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