Kids’ Corner: Lemonade for Haiti

Hi! My name is Harley! Let’s have a chat. Do you know where Haiti is?

If not, ask your parents.

I found out though Idlewild Baptist that the people in Haiti don’t have enough food and water. So I brainstormed with my friends. We talked about it, had conversations about it, discussions about it, etc. We made pictures, sketches, and price lists, etc. Then we built a lemonade stand. We got a lot of banners, supplies, paper fans, triple chocolate chunk brownies, M&M Rice Krispies, etc. Saturday morning, I got up and some of my friends came over to help work the lemonade stand. There was a little blue tent over the lemonade stand. There were white cute dessert holders, colorful napkins, and there was a beautiful tablecloth, it was yellow. We had freshly-squeezed and Countryside lemonade mix because it would raise more money. We all wore Belle dresses and we looked like cute little lemons! People gave tips for $20 bills because they saw us on the news. We raised $500 and we are going to send the money to Haiti! It helped feed 100 people for a month!

Since I gave all I had to Haiti my parents gifted me with a $20 bill and I did not expect it! And I got $25 and $20 checks from different states because they saw me on the news and knew it was for a great cause. Greg & Maria Shepherd are part of RTS Missions which supports Haiti. Link: If you want to donate, go to Goodbye!!

This week’s Bible Verse: Matthew 25:40 – “Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.”

See videos, pictures, and the rest of the story at


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