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Samantha Taylor
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Moms give so much of their lives to raise their children, investing their time to be there for whatever their kids need. And in the midst of caring for everyone else, Mom often doesn’t take care of her own health. She carefully packs everyone’s lunch but her own. She makes sure everyone gets to their sports and activities but her own. What Mom doesn’t realize sometimes is that by not taking care of herself, she cannot give as much as she can to those kids because many times she is just so tired.

Of course, that is not the case for all moms, but the thousands of moms I have helped lose weight say before they start our program, “I just want more energy, to feel better, and to be more active with my kids.” One client who lost 4 sizes and helped her children come off sugar too, said, “I am so much happier as a mother. I didn’t realize how irritable I had become with these three boys. It really is so different raising kids when you are healthy and fit.”

Many moms tell me they regret sitting on the sidelines instead of being engaged with their kids. And numerous moms have admitted to me that that they don’t feel as confident about their body compared to the other moms, so they feel embarrassed showing up at events and interacting with other people. And they tell me that they are not as happy as they used to be and that makes them grouchier and snappier with their kids. And by the time the evening rolls around, they have given so much of themselves that when it comes time to spend time with her husband, they sometimes just feel too tired and want to go bed!

Then I hear the other side of moms who do take action and invest time in themselves as well as take care of their family. They learn that it’s not selfish and it’s actually for the family too, because when mom is happy and feeling good, that affects the whole family. I have had husbands of our clients tell me, “Thank you for giving my wife back! She is happy again!” A good example of this is Melissa, whose husband inspired her to come see us, and she has now lost 90 lbs. in 10 months!

It’s so important that you mothers take care of yourselves too. When we do this, our bodies are strong and we have lots of energy and stamina to be the wonder women we are! Women are amazing, and being a mother is whole other level. Give yourself the gift of taking care of you, too! You are not only doing it for yourself but you are also doing it for your family.

You want to be able to play with those children on the ground and easily get back up, to be able to watch them graduate and babysit those grandchildren without being bogged down with a bunch of medical issues. Most people that deal with medical issues wish they would have taken care of their bodies. I know some medical issues are not avoidable, but doing something to prevent the ones that are is the key.

Give your mother, your wife, or yourself the gift of health and wellness and contact us for a free Body Transformation Analysis so you can see and feel how much better you will feel when you are healthier!

We even have many husbands that have encouraged wives to come see us. Give them this article or show them our website: www.SamanthaTaylorFitness.com. One thing you can treat Mom to is our Keto World Tour Tasting of delicious food and desserts at my Land O’ Lakes studio by a private chef May 10th at 7pm. See the website for details. Happy Mother’s Day, you amazing women!


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