New Prayer Labyrinth Experience

Walking a Prayer Labyrinth is an ancient church practice that offers us a more intentional time with God. It has been said that it is like a short journey of its own. We wind our way through the path that it may become a mirror for our own lives and a metaphor for our walk with God. In short, a Prayer Labyrinth is a tool of spiritual growth, a place of transformation of body, mind, and spirit.

As a pastor, I have had the great pleasure of walking many Prayer Labyrinths around this beautiful country. And each time I walk one, I leave with a wonderful memory of how God has spoken directly to me. It is truly amazing just what happens when we set aside intentional time to be with God.

At All Saints Lutheran Church (5315 Van Dyke Rd, Lutz), we want to make this experience available to all. For this reason, we recently built a Prayer Labyrinth for our community to use as they feel called. It is located on the Church property to the right of the large granite cross in our memorial garden. I invite you to come and take a walk on the new Prayer Labyrinth soon. #AllAreWelcome

In February, we blessed the Prayer Labyrinth for God’s work in the world. I leave you with the closing prayer used for this blessing: “We ask that you bless everyone and anyone who walks this Prayer Labyrinth searching for you, for deeper meaning in their lives, and for healing of their souls. May your Holy Spirit be with them, sustaining them and may all who leave the labyrinth be strengthened to serve others in your name. We give you thanks, O God, for drawing us closer to you. Amen.”

Pastor Joshua Gyson


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