Building Healthy Habits

Samantha Taylor
Samantha Taylor Fitness

One day I was working at the large corporate gym I used to train at before I opened my own studios for women and I was watching all the different people coming in that were there regularly and were in great shape.

They seemed like they would never live their life any other way. I wondered what was the difference between someone like that and someone that struggles with being fit and making it a priority in their life?

I really think it has to do with that the people who were fit really see themselves as someone that is fit and healthy and they will accept no other way. And that they would feel uncomfortable if they were not working out or eating unhealthy and not taking care of their body.

It becomes part of their identity and part of who they are and to do anything different than that would not be consistent with who they see themselves as.

I heard somebody say many years ago, “One of the strongest driving forces with a person is to stay consistent with their identity.” So if you want to become someone that exercises and works out and makes it a part of your life, you need to start seeing yourself as someone that lives your life like that.

It doesn’t happen overnight, it is a process of behaviors and patterns that develop over years. The main thing to realize is that you have to start somewhere. If you’ve never been a person that really made exercise and being a healthy weight a part of your life, then you need to start at the beginning. But if you don’t start now when will you ever start? And will it be too late if you continue to wait? I encourage you to take action and start to build those healthy habits now so you can start to see yourself as someone who is fit and healthy.

If you are someone who always saw yourself as fit and you find yourself not being true to yourself and you overweight now, I also encourage you to take action and take that step and do something about it. Don’t let it continue not being true to yourself another day.

We have so many amazing resources for our clients, 30-minute workouts, we have personal training and we offer a fitness boot camp. We also help you with the nutrition and accountability plus we have weekly webinars. And next month we will also have a full-time licensed dietitian on staff that can customize eating plans to fit your particular needs.

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