A Word From Our Winners

My boyfriend Jonathan and I toured Big Cat Rescue, loved it, thanks so much! Here we’re taking a twofie with the most dangerous cat according to our tour guide. Before I arrived, I played a game on their app which told me which wildcat I am and turns out Priya the tigress is the one! She was napping like a princess when we arrived and folks that had been prior said she was their favorite noting her playful demeanor especially in the water. Our guide agreed sharing how she caught two vultures just the other day, but this day she was perfectly fine with only resting in our presence. When she takes her staycation, our guide pointed out that the 24/7 camera will show her in all of her glorious action!

Fast forward, today, I was delighted to read in my journal about the joy of seeing two bobcats in the wild a year ago. I was reflecting on how all these cats will never experience the wild due to abuse of man. One of the cats was lioness, Nikita. Every day she misses the freedom. She deserves to be with her pride, let alone any cat ever. So this Valentines Day, I think of her and all the beloved cats with care!

– Kara

To My Forever Wildkat,
Wishing you still lived with us out here in the plains. You and I both know your purpose was to remain in our pride. Is it possible for you to one day forgive all your human abusers? I pray so, my love! Miss you here and happy you found your forever home at Big Cat Rescue. I wrote this post card to tell you, ‘Happy Feline Love Day, my Lioness!’ We’ll always share our Wild Love. Pretty Young Thing, forever we are a dunndeal, eternally waiting for you here.
Love your only one,
Big Cat


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